The Creek Planet School - Hyderabad

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i woudn't have given even 1 star given an option. I joined my two kids at Venus Campus by looking at buildings and infrastructure thinking school would have been good but to my surprise in no aspect i am happy about this school. Transportation is worst ,no control which bus will run which day school don't have any control on drivers and they transport IN charge is bitter waste there is no response even if drivers drops small kids in petrol pumps ,beside wine shops. If you really care about safety of lovely kids stay away from this school. Lesson i learned is that we don't see small good schools near our surroundings and always look for big buildings losing all our money.


Venus campus does not have grills for windows for classes in first floor - few 1st class sections are in this floor, I think there are few higher classes as well. When asked for it, Principal, Ms. Sapna asked me if I havent checked it during the induction session - how ridiculous.

She's confident that kids will not be able to climb the window - is she living on a different planet!!??


Hi Friends my daughter got seat in The Creek planet school Neptune campus, kukatpally. its very good, under construction. 




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