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The Day Care facility at DPS Play School, Somajiguda is well-staffed and the ratio of staff members to children is extremely good. The staff members have the required experience and training in child care. Everyone at DPS is extremely polite, courteous and friendly. The Day Care room is furnished for comfort and has good natural as well as artificial lighting. Safety of the kids is also taken care of. They are also well-stocked on learning tools and materials and there is ample space and play equipment to nurture a growing child's creativity and satiate his/her curiosity. It is a great place for kids to be. Highly Recommended.‎


my naughty kiddo davy is a student of the school and one thing im extremely pleased about is the safety zone where the school is located n the fact that the gates are always shut!! thats the most imp thing to look for wen enrolling a child.........few suggestions i would like to give to make it on par with sme of the best........... 1] avoid the sandpit play... for obvious reasons 2] avoid the tv as kids may sit too close .not good for their eyes 3] kinda feel the boys uniform is uncomfortable as for a nature call to get out of a dungaree quickly would be unkind!!.......... besides im mighty pleased with the nannies n security n the head!! 3 cheers to dps somajiguda‎




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