Wonder 6 An International Preschool - Hyderabad

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Hi, my child studied in this school too for playgroup.Me n my husband were not happy because we found that they had very few teachers and the pricipal had her own child studying there thus reducing the teacher-student ratio to 1:12 or may be more.Plus the school did not provide with uniforms nor did they have any annual event.Though we liked the curriculam but they had placed another kid who had speech problem along wid the normal kids.Since this kid cud only hit n not talk my child refused going to skul.The teachers had no solution to this problem n the problem was never solved.I had no option but to change the school.


My kid went to this school and i must add that this school pretends to be organised but is a complete mess.Kids of all ages are put together without class segregation thus letting the elder kids bully the younger ones.There is no proper potty training and children are not personally looked after.There are barely two teachers out of which one happens to be the mother of a student there therefore concentrating only on her own child. my experience was worst and i would never recommend this school to anyone else.Plus too expensive for no reason.


Nice place with separate areas for toddlers, preschoolers and daycare. They have outdoor play area, a huge splash pool and sand play area. Very safe for children.




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