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When I went to get my daughter 2.5yr old from school on , she was in the bathroom. She was with maids for cleaning as she did poo in nappy. She was crying but Vimla asked me to wait for some time as maids would clean her up in few minutes. But as she continued to cry loudly, I went inside and found that two maids were holding her stripped completely. And they were pouring cold water on her from head to toe , they were not cleaning her but just splashing cold water all over her. She later complained that one of the maid was holding her hairs as she was crying. When asked Head Teacher about it, she showed total ignorance about what maids were doing. She or co-teacher never made an attempt to see whats going on in spite of my daughter was crying so loudly. When I talked to other parents about it they also remembered something similar. After cleaning poo, all the kid`s cloths as well as their hairs were wet with water.My daughter was cleaned similarly twice before for vomitting. Dont know what more to say.




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