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I admitted my child to Playgroup (EuroKids in DD Colony, Hyderabad) going by the brand name but I am totally disappointed with the facility / infrastructure. They have a policy to make the child sit / play on the floor in playgroup. It was horrendous to note that the floor was very muddy and unhygenic. They lack toys and the couple of toys that they have is in a dirty state. Bathroom is right next to the playgroup class and not maintained at all. The entire class room is stinky. I regret admitting my child. Sudha


Hi folks,

Euro Kids is a pre-school located in a peaceful,pollution-free environment. The care taken by the teachers is excellent.My kid adjusted without me within three days.The ambience of them and the caring towards kids by them is very good.The methodology of teaching and learning the etiquettes to them is very good.

We really like this school compared to the pre-schools we surveyed to our child.




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