Sunshine Gachibowli - Hyderabad

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Sunshine's a terrible school. Keep your children away from Sunshine Preschool, Gachibowli. Its one of the cheapest school, but complete waste of money as your child will not learn anything. Teachers are often absent and the admin would attend your child most of the time. CHild hardly learns even under the teaching of the unprofessional teachers. You can watch your child's activity on cctv , and you can see tht the teacher is not present or else teaches in an unprofessional fashion and finishes the worksheet and gives 3 stars, while you think your child is learning well, when in fact, he hasnt learnt anything. I decided to take my child out of sunshine after 1 year, and now finally he is learning. Only good thing in that the admin lady and the staff are courteous and responds on time. I just wish they were better at teaching.




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