Balarcade - Hyderabad

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We have been sending our child to this day care since january 2009. Our son was little more than a year at that time. This place is started my Mr.Bhanu. Who worked in US for a long time before shifting to India. The child care is good and especially the personal attention given to each child. The maids are very child-friendly and there is lots of bonding between the children and the maids. All the children love to hangout with Bhanu. Bhanu is very honest and straight forward, he might not tell something just to please you and he believes in long-term relationship with child and parents. He has some innovative programs for children of different age groups, there are singing/music classes, and also there are teachers to help out with home work for school going children. The best part about this place is the children have lots of freedom in exploring. Most of the children have been staying here for long periods, there are few kids staying since they were few months old and now they are around 3 yrs. My son really likes this place, and we are thankful.




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