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Well, I would like to say that it has been a very fun loving and learning experience to be associated with Pebble Creek ASR. I was really tensed about my daughter, being a single working parent. She is in Montessori and I really appreciate the work and cooperation of the teachers. I can see the difference as to how my child is growing into a confident and independent human. Unlike other schools , yes they aren't burdened with workload,but are given an education for life. When we plan or think of admitting our children in some school, money shouldn't be counted as a matter of concern and if we are observing a positive result and changes why should it matter even more. The teachers are very soft spoken cooperative nd hardworking. I would suggest and encourage parents to think about PC for their children's betterment.


1) They give lot of holidays to students upto standard  six  for 10 months schooling in year with five day working they have many more holidays apart from govt declared holidays,even though other schools are working this school might declare a holiday.This is very special  and unique about this school.
2) Join your kid in this school  because the fees are  just only 80k annually for  UKG,LKG(montessori) kids whose school timings are half a day and school functions only for 10 months and one more best thing about this school  every year the school fee hike will be just 12% only . please join your kids in this school So that your earned hardworking money is given to school management.
3) The Transportation of this school is very special they expect an attendar to walk for about 1 to 2 km to come to pick up point which is on the main and pick up the 5 year old kid.
 consider a case  if both husband and wife are working and husbands  parents who are aged and cannot walk because of knee problems then the such parents should definitely join their kids  in this school because it will make your old parents walk 1-2 km daily in the middle of fast moving vehicles every day.
If you complain or request to  the business minded management they reply that understand the logistics since there no other kid coming from that area you have to make an arrangement to pick up your kid from main road. I was  very happy to hear their reply thank you very much.
If any parent is seriously reading my post then please think wisely before you join your kid in this school.




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