Sadhu Vaswani International School - Hyderabad

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I have admitted my my daughter 3 years ago in to school with a great regards.
Was pretty happy that her admission was successfull.
As the time goes by we started realizing that the school is getting over crowded and the quality is getting dropped. Each class has ~40 students. Students will not get enough oppurtunities in activities. As a school they win many medals etc.. however i feel that with over 3000 students in the school they are bound to win few :)
If you are expecting some special care of your ward then this is not a school you should be looking for.


my son joined the school from nursery and is now in the 2nd standard. I have very high regards for the values, strategy and the development of the school. There are many schools which teach but Sadhu Vaswani Practices what they preach - My one line for this great school and the management - Thank you and continue to develop the next generation 




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