Indus International School IISH - Hyderabad

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Indus is a great choice if you want your kid to grow up to be a responsible, caring, and independent individual. For us working parents, it wasn't easy for us to focus on our child's education during the lockdown. But thanks to the disciple and self-starting qualities he has acquired at school, our son was able to adjust to the new routine. I figure everything he has learned at school is beyond academics will surely benefit him in the long term.


An excellent school with a green ambiance, talented faculty, and infrastructure speak for itself. As the parent of a student at Indus Hyderabad, I can say that the school does everything it can for quality education.



Thank you IISH, for making me the confident, go-getter that I am. I will always carry the values that you instilled in me. 


Indus International, Hyderabad is one of the finest IB schools in the country, with intellectuals and high achievers imparting knowledge to the children. The 36-acre campus with beautiful flora and fauna is a feather in its cap


I have had very good experiences with the teachers of Indus Hyderabad. I feel they are always ready to listen to concerns and work with the children personally instead of treating them like numbers. Particularly in the IGCSE when the kids have important decisions to make, the individual attention and care given is commendable. From the diversity of the subject choices offered at IGCSE it is obvious that Indus Hyderabad is not trying to force anyone into a predetermined cookie cutter mold and coming from abroad, I truly appreciate that they are giving importance to individuality and uniqueness.




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