Indus World School IWS - Hyderabad

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Few points what I observed, when looked at their website and description from people thought it might be a good school and is different from other money making institution. Following are my observations 1. Very commercial- you have to pay 1000/ first to get the form you have to pay 30K out of that 20 K (is donation but they name is development fee etc total eye wash) Food close to 10K transportation close to 12K books close to 2K uniform and shoes close to 2 K(two pairs+house T-shirt+ shoes) 2. Do not get impressed with Swimming pool ground and tennis courts.. your kid might be hardly allowed to use, they claim swimming is compulsory (once a week) 3. Teaching methodology is OK but no different from other school, except no exams till 5th standard. 4. Infrastructure is good 5. If you want to admit your kid in 2nd class then please make it a point to clearly understand what headmistress wants to say, she will give 100 reasons and ask you to come back and you will end up wasting time. I see the reflection of Headmistress in the teaching staff they are all used to the conventional way of teaching.. 6. Over all 1st year (fresh adm.) you will end up paying close to 1 L and subsequent years it will be 60-65 K and the teaching is conventional but show cased as in a different manner.




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