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Roots Vijayanagar Colony is a very good school. My second Daughter is studying there and will be completing UKG this year. She will join Future Kids from 1st. This year even though she got admission into Futuke kids along with my elder one, preferred to continue here itself.

The school is very old and establlished. The infrastructure is not impressive but the teachers, the their curriculum is well established and very organized. This school does not make kids write in LKG, but their way of teaching is good and during UKG, even though the kids are introduced to a lot of things, english and math the kids are able to cope up very well. Surprisingly all the kids are brought to a very good academic level. Teachers take personal interest and sit with the kids and teach them.

The best thing is, no home work till mid UKG and the teachers take the complete responsibility to teach the kid. in UKG, i saw my child learning a lot of topics which i saw my first one learning in 1st grade but it was all taken care by teachers and i did not have to put in any effort and the children really like to go to school.

Until mid UKG, the kids are not restricted to an class room and take part in different activities. The teachers sit with kids in group of 3 or 4 on the floor with mats and show them and involve them with activities. It is a very informal way of teaching and the kids feel they are at home. It is a small group with no school uniform and until UKG it is a very good atmosphere for a child to be in.

They teach completed based on Phonics so, the english spellings and reading skills are developed well here. Kids can read sentences and write a lot of words without any stress by UKG.

One good thing here is the teachers do not stress the parents and also do not tell any negative feedback about the child unless it is a concern. They say... we monitor the kids and whereever they need help and support they work on it. We do not let any child lag behind... i have seen it too. Because they teach in the complete phonics style, they tell parents to not teach which may add to the confusion and they take care completely.

Having seen 3 schools with my first daughter- Euro school, Hillside Academy and now Future Kids, this school Roots Montessori is very good and preferable than all these branded and corporate pre schools. anyone staying close to this location should definitely consider this school.

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