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To our surprise, we came to know kids from class 6th grade are not allowed to use the elevator. Kids are forced to use stairs for 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor with bag of books that vary from 5k to 10kg. When we checked at the school reception, we were told unless there is a health condition, prior permission from principal,kids from 6th grade are not allowed to use the elevator. We were never told about this during admission. Unable to undrestand why, a basic facility is there for show off and not usable by students. This is a kind of discrimination and innocent kids are taking the burden.


I recently joined my kids into this school in 8th and 9th standard. Though I am unable comment about school coaching excellence, I can comment about other areas. 1. Books price is way high. 9000/- per kid is too much. In Bangalore for same 8th standard and same cbse the books were less than 3500/- only. Infact you will have option to opt out certain stationary items. 2. On the first day of school reopen I have called almost 25 times between 9 and 9:30 a.m. I tried all the given numbers in their portal. But no one answered. Same day I went to school and enquired about this. The answer was, 'on the first day 9f the school we get too many calls and we are too busy in other things. So we don't pick up the phone'. Of course school will get many calls on first day. New admission will call to know few things. It is your responsibility to cut the discussion in short. 3. While taking the admission exam they mentioned fee is for example 100000 rs and it has to be paid in two terms. But while paying the first term fee we were told that the second term fee might vary. Why is this cheating? 4. Transport is good and transport manager and staff are good Regarding education, i will post my comments later.


This school does show off but it is worst inside. The classrooms are not maintained for several years . The benches are so old very uncomfortable to sit and the blackboards are  not in condition to write . There is no smart board like all schools have now . They provide very small lockers, that too they have to share with two or three students. They have no proper place to hang their bags so they are scattered  on the floor.The teachers just consentrate on the I-section students and not on the other sections. The bathrooms are very dirty and unhygienic and there are no doors for bathrooms instead they use curtains which keeps flying. Could you ever imagine that? Teachers are also very rude and when students make noise they switch off fans so that students feel hot .Teachers make students to sit on the floor if they are not able to see. Here teachers don't have a special chair to sit instead they have and uncomfortable one just like the students .The schedule is also not distributed throughout the year. At the end of the year they put pressure on the students to study more. The syllabus is also not complete. I hope this comment is helpful for you.


Following are my observations1) Teachers are not able to bring up the students skills. Instead they ask parents to do that. After paying lakhs of rupees, getting suggestions from teachers like "Parents should help their kids to understand the subjects". Then why we need to send the kids to school?? This indicates how irresponsible they are and they don't have interest in how best they can teach/deliver the course so that students can understand 2) Teachers are not upto the mark. For CIPP, teachers are not teaching properly. They should be well trained and should know teaching skills. I only thought Multiplication and Division to my kid. Studying 5th class, kids do not know properly multiplication and division.    3) School Management will tell you like, you can choose any two activities under sports. We have choosen Swimming and Scating 4 years ago for my kid. But my kid doesn't know how to swim even now. 4) They themselves decided some workshops like "Handwriting workshop" (for two days and the instructor came from Gujarat...see how silly it is ...)and they charge for that workshop Rs 300/- eventhough that is a small amount per student. If 500 students participate in that workshop 500 * 300 = 150000(considerable amount). Teachers are forcing the students to participate in Handwriting workshop. Eventhough, the students who are good in writing, they(teachers) are informing the students like "you are not up to the mark in handwriting". And the worst thing is Management is supporting that. Management is not spending 5 to 10 minutes of time to think about the workshops conducting and How much it is helpful to students. Instead, Management sending notices to Parents send Rs 300/- to participate in the workshop(LITERALLY THEY SENT NOTICES TO PARENTS THREE TIMES) though we told them as we are not interested and got the phone calls from school(class teachers) asking for workshop. How immature they are in that matter ...Management should not force the parents to do that. I know that lot of parents without interest paid the amount. It could be better conducting science fair/exhibition instead of Handwriting workshop. I never see any kind of science fair or exhibition in this school.5) Fee structure is not justifying the quality of the course/content they deliver.Every year they will increase school fee 10% (this is the minimum they will increase, it may go beyond 15%)And the school fee structure is as follows for 1st classTuition Fee -- 80000Transportation fees -- 25000( for 10 Kms)Admission fee -- 75000 ( which is not refundable)Uniform & sports dress --  3000Books & field trips -- 10000Caution Deposit --  5000Total ==> 118000 (excluding admission fee and caution deposit) 
If your kid reaches 10th class, you need to pay just Tuition fee as  Rs 200000 (2 lakhs... 10 to 15k difference might be there) apart from other fees. you might end up paying 250000 if you include all other fees. This is just rough estimation. It may go beyond that.


From past 2 years my Son is studying in this school. There's not much complaints on this school. But only negative part is the home works.. They are giving the activities as home work to the students for grade 2 and 3 where the students can do that activities. 
Those are the activities where parents need to do. So the homework is for the parents ?
Playground, discipline, teachers response so for its good. Transport facility is superb.


No doubt the infrastructure is good, but as far as education is concerned the school has to take some measures to have good and trained teachers especially for CIPP sylabus.



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