Maharishi Vidya Mandir MVM Kondapur - Hyderabad

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Good School with spacious play ground and class rooms. Teachers are caring .. Faculties are good especially 7th to 10th Standards..  they are teaching Yoga for all the students. They inculcate good habits to the students and they expect utmost discipline in the campus.  The school is spread across 7 acres however they have improve their play grounds which is lacking . Fee is very economical comparing all other schools in Kondapur or hitech city area.  


It's a perfect blend of 'Culture' and 'Competition'....In today's world when education is just a business and nothing more...It's great to see that they are feeding kids with high moral values, and good academic... 


My kid is in Ist standard , this is the first year v hv joined her in MVM, it looks to be OK in  terms of teaching but its way backward in grooming the child in communication and speaking up in groups.Also they hardly hv any activities till 5th standard.the one thing which we hv personally not liked is..apart frm teaching the children to wish the teachers as 'Gud morning' ...they r taught to say Jai Gurudev...which sounds a bit wierd. Also my kid frequently keeps complaining abt the hygiene in the washrooms....
pls rethink if anyone here is keen on joining the kids in MVM.....


Hello Parents,
please visit and have experience by visiting MVM school Hyderabad, from my point of view this school is one of the worst school i have ever seen. they expect donations from you not your children. school fee is 50 thousand donation + 46 thousand tuition fee + 19 thousand van fees + 8 thousand for books + One Thousand for uniform. 3 thousand for application and Entrance fee which is non refundable. better not to join. jai gurudev


If there would have negative review button - I would have given -5


Worst school, doesn't care for students.


Maharshi Vidya Mandir, Kondapur. The school has lethargic staff. Too much crowded class, in a way, its unfair to blame teachers because of too many kids in single class. My son used to speak/read/write English/Hindi fluently when he was in UKG @ Bachpan. But now after 1std, he is not reading/writing Hindi and English. Instead of adding new skills he lost few. One of the teacher admitted saying, "we can't handle kids on individual basis", this irritation was merely for not writing residencial address in Dairy. I made a biggest mistake of my life by admitting my son to MVM. Teaching methodology is again very old age "MUGGING up" style, I don't see concept based learning. I asked my son, how many of you talk in english / hindi in the class. His answer was "2 in English and 2 in Hindi". So clearly, the class language is not English, then how should a 6 year old, kid learn and what can we expect for this environment.


Good School with good values. Staffs and teachers are approachable and very polite. Transport is punctual. The school has extra curricular activities like yoga/meditation/music etc. Class room in the new building are really spacious and airy. Cleanliness is maintained. Good separate play area for LKG/UKG Kids. Separate big ground for seniors.Organised school with good values. Keep it up MVM !!!




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