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CHIREC, once which was a wonderful school is now becoming a school that is commercial, too much involved in competition with other schools that focus on ranks. THE LUNCH BREAK IS 20 MINUTES FOR GRADE 1 STUDENTS. See how serious they are about academics. While we were told the school focuses on the overall development of a kid. They have kids who are going to be scientists and scholars as they have 1.5 hours of a hindi or french class a day; just because they don't have space or the idea to fit-in an extra-curricular activity in that period. They don't let 6-7 year old kids to use the elevator and the kids are supposed to climb 3 floors three times a day everyday. Such facilities we and our kids get after paying fees that is no less than an god international school around with world class facilities. They have strict teachers who are impatient with the kids in Grade1, 2 and 3. A class teacher takes 3-4 subjects and the kids are with 1 teacher for 80% of the time. Are we paying for this? Also I felt that the teachers are not happy or under qualified as they are not paid well. They just join for an add-on in the experience list of their resume as Chirec has had a good name all these years. But 20 MINUTES LUNCH BREAK where the kids are expected to go 3 buildings away, freshen up, eat lunch and be back. How crazy does that sound?


Good School


If you are trying for an admission in this school from class 1 and above, just give up. We had visited the school for my daughters admission in class 5 and were told to register on their site, which we did and followed up frequently with the principal & admission staff in this regards. 

To our surprise we see a list of 9 students who are given admissions and who had registered after us. We don't even get a call. The school management says they are all under sibling quota. Nine kids under sibling quota? 

Shows the admission in this school probably happens through references and recommendations. Nine admissions in the same class under sibling quota is difficult to accept. 

I recommend you don't waste time in trying for admissions in this school and instead try in Oakridge, DPS, Rockwell, Pheonix Greens, Gaudium etc where the response is more professional and chances are you may get an admission based on the sequence of enquiry and assessment and not based on references and recommendations.




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