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Glendale Academy - Hyderabad

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My son got admission in grade1 and was a very disappointing experience - listing it below:

1.       Badly staffed


Infrastructure wise it is an excellent school which attracts any parent. But don't see the same quality in academics, sports or discipline. Teachers are frequently changing and a parent needs to spend extra time in teaching the root concepts while they just play and have fun in school. Fees is another concern here. Fee hike is so much from last year to this academic year (2015-16). Very poor transportation structure. Kids spend around 2 hrs daily just in bus. While we spoke about it, management is not really concerned. And there is no safety in bus during travel.


I put my kids here last academic year. While I like most of the things about the school, I really wish they would be stricter in terms of academics and discipline. Right now, most kids, especially boys seem very, very playful.


Great school that turned terrible after it got a new principal two years ago.



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