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The LKG admission process is farce! 
We filled the application form (cost Rs 500) & submitted at school. My child was invited for interaction, where she solved 1 puzzle and 1 colour sorting activity. Although she didn't speak when the teacher asked her to.
Next we were briefed about the school fees & transport fees.
Next we were sent to meet the Chairman & Principal. Since both me & my husband are working, we were asked about the organization name. They enquired why we were looking for this school, when we have Chirec near our home. That was all.
We never heard any feedback about my child's selection. When we called the admission desk, we were told the first list is out & my child didn't make it to the list. We asked if we could give donation for further consideration. The person said it will add weightage, but no guarantee. I dropped JHPS after this incident.
Now, I see there is no selected students list published on it's website, but they are allowing enquiry form to be filled, for any vacancies which might arise. Seems like only people who can pay donation, will get through!!! The standards are clearly dwindling.


Brilliant environment


this school calls itself "Bound to Traditions" is a corporate house masquerading as a  public school.

the website shows all pretty figures, but the real deal is there are 45-50 students per class, teachers are not well trained, Classrooms (especially pre-primary and primary) are not ventillated, and toilets are not to the standard to Win any award.

Preprimary had 24 kids in LKG and UKG suddenly blew upto 48 kids in class1. My daughter now lacks that minimum attention she needs and schools responsibility is now dumped on parents. Thanks to their appetite of accepting more and more kids with the help of generous donations they get.

Please resist yourself from joining you kids, you can afford a decent international school at that price.


Check the Times of India article on CBSE X class 2014 results news on Jubilee Hills public school.


My daughter is studying in this school past 7 yrs. What was a good reputed and school to be proud of has transformed into a school which is confused and impractical. All this thanks to Prinical who has take over 2 yrs ago. The teaching and teachers and events planning has become irresponsible, unplanned and without any priority to studies. The school which was once receptive to parents ideas/ concerns now has turned into totally defensive and justification mode of their methods & processes. My child gets lot of entertainment than knowledge. Almost every working day she is in some extracurricular activity, hence, need not attend classes as teachers themselves take her. The prinicipal is very immature to understand the issues forget about handling the school management.The standard of teaching is compromised, the girls' school dress is provocative enough to raise issues in higher classes, transport is not convenient and no body listens.I have practically seen how Leadership can make change.


They charge very high donations.Fee is also higher compared to most of the schools.


Teacher to Kids ratio is very high. There are 43 kids in a section with one teacher. It should not be more than 20. It is obvious that effectiveness/Attention reduces with more kids per section.. They also introduced donation. Only benefit is the lower fees. ( 20k or so ) If you can afford higher fees, go to other school....


Good overall development of the child. Teachers and students are coming from conservative background. Discipline is good. Will be good if it changes to 5 day week. Spoken English could improve a lot.




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