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A SLOKA School With insensitive & extremely rude attitude while taking appointment , i enquired from the school if they consider Adhd kids for admission. Shloka asked me to visit their campus . After 30 min session on waldrof education system , the person in charge said . she cant have any more ASD kids on board. ............. she didnt mind commenting when i asked her if she is refusing admission......She answered.." IT'S PARENTS GO IN DENIAL IN ACCEPTING TEIR KIDS NOT SCOOL.... Yet another painful experince frm mother struggling to integrate her son in main stream


For various reasons we had to change at least 4 schools in first few years of her education and finally arrived at Sloka. And now I guess, I will not have to worry about my kids school as long as we are in Hyderabad. The school has a beautiful philosophy of teaching.. They do everything to preserve child's innocence, teach them to be sensitive towards life and is very spiritual. My younger daughter is going to the KG school and I love when she comes back and sings all the beautiful songs that she learns in the school.. I couldn't have been happier anywhere else for sure. However, if you are looking for classroom teaching, lot of homework, and worry about rankings and competition.. this is not the place for you..




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