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We had a very bad experience with Silver oaks school oakadale cmpus. The worst admission process i had never seen in any other schools. Money will bay payed before enquiring about school. I see that there is no respect to parents. Personally I do not recommend this school to any kid...


fundamentals on which silver oaks was built and their mission are definitely inspirational and nice. But once u start growing bigger your ambitions and goals start to dilute. Everytime u keep trying hard to rub the fact on kids and parents that you are doing the best you can. Because u have a bickering front desk, and disgruntled staff working for u, and you have some tricky co-ordinators for each or a few classes who try to middle manage everything and paint a hunky dory picture as if everything is going on as per plan without any hiccup. It's time to truly get down to the roots or hear da problems of parents directly rather than relying on the middle managment who are apt at quelling it without any proper solutions. Hoping that u will realize this and go a long way in shaping the future of the kids pursuing their education at ur school.


Silver Oaks International School is one of it's kind! It's unique in it's approach! The students of Silver Oaks are outspoken and stands apart in the crowd, the way they carry themselves is something which I liked. I started noticing these students when I shifted to my community in Hyderabad some 4 years back. I felt there is something the school is doing in nurturing these young kids, I talked to the parents of these kids and came to know that these parents are extremely happy with their kids and the school. So I thought I should join my kid in this school, I also browsed their website before I visited the school. I was extremely happy with the infrastructure and the pleasant atmosphere of the school. Now I am a proud parent of Silver Oaks with lot of clarity in my child's thinking. I am sure that my child is going to have a bright future.  


My son is studying in silveroaks for the past 4 years.. when he was joined the fee structure was competitive price( around 60 K + 40 K donation) when compared to contemporary schools.. 
when i went for my second child admission for the 2016 , i was surprised by looking at the fee structure ,This year they changed their fee structure such that they have included the one time donation fee into tution fees to show that they are not talking the donation amount from this year onwards however they made the donation amount as official amount and we have to pay this amount every year rather one time amount ..  Now it became around 120 K for PP1 which is almost 100% increase from the previous years. year on year they are going to increase 15% on this amount..

if you are not considering the amount , then this school would be good school to consider for admission.


My child has been studying here for the past 7 years. I am quite surprised to see that there are very less reviews for the school. The school is one of the few in Hyderabad where they have received IB accreditation for the primary years programme.The school has a decent infrastructure, half the size olympics swimming pool, has skating, yoga, music and dance. Also has some lovebirds for the entertainment of small children. While I admitted my kid into PP1 in the school, they concentrated more on the overall development of the kid and  less focus on academics, which we liked very much. They do not have exams till 4th std. But again when I admitted my son there after another 3 years, I felt a huge difference in the school culture. Their focus on academics has increased significantly. Even the pre primary children were given heavy home work. But we also realised that the shift is due to parents pressure as the school attracts more local crowd than cosmopolitan. Today they focus heavily on Olympiads. They maintain a school library and send books weekly. Both my children read books well and unlike other schools, they encourage children bringing other storybooks to school. Also they focus very much on communication skills, kids are expected to write essays or develop the topic every week, based on which they select the creative writer. Also they have competitive exams every week on math and spellings like Human calculator and spell bee. Annual programs are done very well and neatly organised, synchronised to perfection. Fee is not very high. Less than one lakh every year.

1. Good focus on communication, social awareness
2. Least commercial

1. Not working women friendly, they are more used to homemaker moms and send a lot of work home
2. For the past two years they have changed the english text book to Oxford Syllabus. The topics covered are very dry. Teachers are not able to
understand and explain the meanings to children as it is Oxford english. Focus on acedemics is so high that a second std kid is expected to learn tables upto 12.


We had a very bitter experience with Silver oaks school. I see that there is no respect to parents from Principal and her colleagues. Personally I do not recommend this school to any kid...


My son is a student of Silver Oaks school. We took admission in LKG and now he is in 3rd Grade. We are extremely happy with the school, the behaviour of the staff/teachers/admin/principal. Rating Parameters (1 to 10 scores): Education: 8 (LKG to II- 9 score, 3rd Grade - 7 score) Campus: 7 Facilities: 5 (no canteen) Culture of school: 8 Connectivity with parents: 8 Staff: 7 Director and Principal: 10 out of 10 Silver Oaks is the brain child of Mr Dhanajay. He takes personal interest in each and every function of the school. They are humble in nature and the school is also not money minded at at all. Note: My wife and I read some negative feedback regarding Silver Oaks school on ParenTree site. Therefore, I could not resists to write back and give you the clear truth. I really felt that some sources are literally trying to confuse parents who use internet as a source to make the right school decision for there child. I personally recommend Silver Oaks as one of the best schools.


I took admission for 2011-12 for my kid and withdrew it after having a very humiliating experience. They wanted all fee including the transportation fee for next academic year which starts in July to be paid in January it self. After paying 50K fees on Jan 20 th, the admin person (I remember as Srinivasrao) said he can't guarantee my kid's seat if the remaining fee is not paid before end of Jan.(with in 10 days). When I took it to the notice of the director Dhananjaya , he too responded the same way when I asked why should I pay next year transportation fee in January itself. They don't like any one questioning them. My friend asked the director why is he charging donation when the school is already well established. And his daughter is not given seat thought she got Excellent(E+) grade in entrance test. How every good the school is it is definitely notthe way to behave with parents. they treat parents like ATM's.


Hi all, I would like to share my experience with Silver oaks. My Daughter studied from LKG to 4th Class ( close to six years) I paid only 10000 as donation in 2006. Currently it went up to 1 lack, all most ten folds of increase. Following are my ratings compared to other school around Miyapur Infrastructure -- 7/10 Education standards ---8/10 ( Very good for lower classes) Education standards -- 6/10 ( Not good from 5th grade) Teaching staff --- 7/10 Admin staff --- 3/10 (Bunch of idiots) Management attitude towards education--- 4/10 (commercial) Thanks Ram


This school is not concentrating on Basics which is very much required for any child. They have no text books also. I don't think this school is a good school for children of all ages


This school might be a good school. But they need to change their counselor. She doesn't know how to do business. She doesn't know the slightest etiquette even. I asked her how many kids are there in a class? And she said it's non of your business. Then I said thank u and came back from there. I will never ever go back there. When they cann't respect us how can they respect our kids.


Silver Oaks School bachupally is THE school i was looking for.The excellent Principal Mrs Sita murthy has trained her staff extremely well .She focuses on overall development in a child with a loving attitute towards a child ,since my son is in class PP1 ,children at that age need the love more than harsh method.She manages to make children Happy Learners who look forward to going to school everyday. I am extremely happy with the administrators especially Mr Dhanunjaya who is very dynamic and full of energy and takes intrest in every child to excel, with a fatherly touch.All children like him very much. I think Silver Oaks school is the No 1 school in Hyderabad!




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