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My son has been with Oakridge Newton since his PP-I. Now he is finishing his 10th grade. The school was good during the initial years. However over the past 3-4 years they have become way too commercial. Its not the same school Dr Shomie Das (the man behind Oakridge) dreamt of. Unless you are a politician or a movie star or a business man making tons of money, this school is not for you. It is not worth the money you pay, further their sporting activities are no where near international class. They don't even have a full fledged foot ball field or an athletic track. Academics wise the school is ok, with good teachers in some subjects, but like I said not worth even half the money you pay.


Our daughter Sanhita Sanil studying at Newton campus in grade III is very exited to go to school. She is become a very independent child after joining oakridge. The curriculam and the teaching methods have developed her thought process in achieving her goals. The activity she enjoys the most that is swimming and taekwondo are a part of extra curricular activities and i dont have to separately take her anywhere for any sports. Everything is taken care of in school which gives her a holistic development which is shown when i interact with her and i am proud of her growth as a child. I Couldnt have asked for more.


Hello everyone! My daughter (Vinuthna) is studying in grade-1, Oakridge international school, Tagarapuvalasa, Visakhapatnam. She has improved her communication skills through participating in various activities and also in leading school assembly. She enjoys going to school and tells us so much about the activities at school. She was a bit timid before but now she has opened up and interacts a lot with her teacher Ms.Nadia Fugle. This shows a caring attitude of the teacher in helping to mould my child. My daughter loves her teacher a lot. Thanks to the Oakridge activity based learning and her class teacher Nadia.

Regards Shiv


My Son is a very naughty and can't learn things sitting at one place and when I wanted to join him in a school I searched so many schools for him and after visiting Oakridge Gachibowli campus I felt like I found the place,The PYP curriculum they are using is more like making the child to learn themselves out of the action.Am so impressed with the Hygeinic atmosphere,classroom arrangement and the way the kids are trained.
Daily my son comes home and discusses the class room activities in action.I feel my self proud for opting such a wonderful schoolAs it is my sons first academic year in PP2 I have to purchase evrything like uniform and all stuff and faced lot of difficulty in getting the correct size for my son,I felt very bad for it,At the same time the support and the attention given by Oakridge team is appreciable,with that responce I am sure that they are going to take care completely in future so that this kind of situations never repeat again.
Once again am so Happy that my son is a Oakridger.
It is the place where they try to bring the creativity out of the child




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