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I do not understand why the reviews for DPS, Khajaguda are so low. This school is phenomenal and strives hard to bring out the best in students. With an active feedback mechanism and highly-skilled faculty, I can, as a current student of the Institution tell you that it has helped me really discover my potential and train myself to excellence. I do agree that pressure is existent, but nothing intolerable, and at the end of the day, it just helps me harden my exterior to the real world while still keeping me warm inside. Highly recommend this school to anyone!


Please, it's my humble request not to take admission in this school. You will be adding one more high stress factor in your life. All they want is kids who study good and are able to get 90%. And if they don't they will keep calling parents and tell them to make kid study. For what???? I mean max time kids spend their time in school and every kid is not the same. Some have good Grasping capacity and some don't. The stress factor what they give u if your kid is not performing as per their standard is humungus. I mean it can bring gap in parents and kids relationship due to school stress.( Which I faced horribly)Am sharing this as I have experienced this with two of my daughter's studied in this school. Irony is they did not give admission to my 2nd daughter for 11th standard as she did not performed in entrance exam. What the hell.....all this year's of education of my daughter in DPS from nursery to 10th standard matters nothing. When rest of all other institution like Cheric, Okaridge Gendale Meridian we're ready to give my daughter admission in 11th standard without any entrance exam or 10th final results. Please...please....please don't put your kid in this school thinking that your kid will get good education. NO if your kid is smart then they will admire otherwise it's not their duty to make kids smarter who needs little push.


Worst school ever. Teachers are highly rude. They are not trained in terms of behavior with child. They just keep on shouting on kids, pass loos comments on them, scold them a lot, punish them. Overall they don't know how to behave or deal kids. Pathetic behavior. Also toilets are dirty, no basic things are provided like cool water, soap, AC for which school takes money but don't give. Sports periods are usually missed out. Worst school,I would not suggest, this is a franchise so not good.


One word that describes DPS, Hyderabad is PATHETIC. My child started with prep 5 years back and over the years I have seen the school getting worse. 
1) No proper parent teachers meeting. If there is one, no proper planning and parent end up wasting 3~4 hours just to meet 2 teachers. They had PTM on Tuesday afternoon leaving very little option for working parents during 2014-15. 
2) No help with missed study. The teacher does not care if your child was on leave. They bluntly tell the child to finish the notes but do notes provide and book to complete from. You literally beg other known parents for missed class work.
3) Too many exams. They have scheduled exams every Tuesday & Fridays this year (2015-16). The syllabus is too much as compared to other schools and teacher just rush though the syllabus. There are other activities and competitions in addition to it.
4) Teacher does not bother if a child does not get a concept. They just yell at the child to keep quiet.
5) They take away the childhood away from the kids. Your child is supposed to be nicely programmed robot who is quiet from the time he\she boards the bus and gets down.
6) They do not let the children to use the toilet at many times and the toilet are very ugly, no hygiene at all.

If you want to make your child running crazy sprints with no break, please go ahead and enroll in DPS. Worst school ever. Desperately looking for option now


Fees of DPS Khajaguda (Gachibowli )
One time Admission Fee - Non Refundable - 75000 + 5000 ( Caution Money )
Yearly Annual Fee- ( Payable in 3 installment ) -
Nursery to Prep - Rs 73000/-
Class 1 to 5  - Rs 79000/-
CLass 6 to 10 - Rs 87000/-
class 11 and 12 - Rs 94000/-

Optional -
Transport Fees -
upto 5 km - 27600/-
upto 5km and below 10 km - rs 29400/-
Above 10 KM - Rs 31500/-
Mess Fee ( Lunch Only ):
Class 1 to 5  - Rs 15500/-
Class 5 to 12 - Rs 16500/-
Note: Books , Uniform, and activity fee are not included in the fees

Note -Fee  will be increased every year by 10 to 15%


Can anyone tell me clearly what are the monthly or  Yearly fees in DPS Gachibowli ?


My daughter has been going to DPS-Hyderabad at Khajaguda for eight years now. This will be her ninth year. In the Past: The school would organize sports day, annual day and other cultural events where the parents would be invited to be part and watch the kids perform. CURRENT(now): It has been years since I have been invited to a sports day or a annual day. The school just became too commercial and started saving every penny they can. In the Past: The school used to provide a shelf for students to place there books and stationary. CURRENT(now): My daughter in class six (just promoted) does not have a shelf of her own. Apparently there are only 9 shelfs in her classroom so only one in every three kids will be alloted a shelf. I would expect a good school to spend at least on the basic amenities rather than saving every penny. (Very disappointed). THE UGLY THINGS ABOUT DPS - VERY COMMERCIAL: Originally the school use to provide breakfast and lunch. Suddenly one day approximately around 4 to 5 years back (can't seem to recollect the exact year) the school sent a notice that breakfast will no longer be served. They continued to charge the same mess fee inspite of not serving breakfast. THIS tells you how commercial the school is and they can stoop to any level to make money. Just no ethics. The school has hiked fees by 35%+ in 2009. It has again hiked the fees by 33%+ again in 2012. Their reason is that property tax has increased. If you do the math, even if each student pays Rs.1000 more per year, it will be much much more than the hike in property tax. But they choose this excuse to increase the school fee by an additional Rs.15,000 per year. Again another example of NO ETHICS by management. The school was great during the first fours years of my daughter's education. In fact it was excellent overall. But now, it is horrible. It is no longer the school it once was. The only good thing about the school right now is the school bus service. It has one of the best school bus routes in Hyderabad. Unfortunately that is not a good enough reason to choose this school. My younger daughter is studying pre-nursery at Tot-lots. Having seen how the school has been changing for the worse, I have decided not to join my younger daughter in DPS. There is no way I would ever suggest this school to anyone also.


Hi, My daughter studies in DPS. I have not seen any thing what usha kiran has mentioned, like school asking money for small small things and parents need to stand when pricipal comes etc... I agree the school fee structure is too high, but it is one time they dont ask anything in between except some times like 100 for some quizes organized or Rs 15 for photos. I feel that is reasonable. But yes this time they have increased the transport fee very badly. For all other things I love DPS


Good School. Teachers are good and they teach well. Facilities are good. But school keeps sending requests for extra money for even small things like giving a school photo, distribution of chocolates among students on any occasion etc. Also one more weird thng..whenever parents are invited for any children shows, parents are requested to stand up while school principal is walking in. This is ridiculous. But overall, if you ignore all these, school is definitely good for studies.


Most of the time it is in news for it's fee hike.


This school has started profit mongering. After a 25% increase in fees in 2008-09, an unjustified, unilateral and unacceptable fee hike of 31% has been intimated to parents in 2009-10. A staggering overall 63% increase over 2007-08 budget. Education standards of this institution are good and administration is nice - but parents are forced to shell out so much more year on year. This is really a negative point indeed.




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