Suggest playschool and a day care ner Kondapur or Hitech

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sowmyav 2011-05-26 16:38:37


Hi All,

    Iam new to this group.I have been searching for playschools and daycares and was really impressed by the wonderfull responses being given by all the group members.So thought it wouold be right place to have all my questions answered and thus posting here.

   I have  1yr 8 months son and iam working.All these days my parents were there to look after him but now they are planing to leave and that is the reason i have been searching for playschools and daycares with in kondapur/Madhapur/Hitech.

   1. Please suggest me a good playschool and daycare?Please provide  the both good and bad of the schools.

   2. I have been planning for two different places one for playschool and the other for daycare.Is this the right opinion? 

  3. What are all the thing to be considered in selecting  a school.

  4. Can anyone let me know like does sanskriti in kondaput has playschool.

  5. What would be fee structures?Are they negotiable?

 Thanks in Advance.



funlifesuper 2011-05-27 10:42:29


Hi Sowmyav!

Can understand your worries about choosing a school, checking location for the same, etc. Im sailing in the same boat. Have been to NGIS, Orchids, CGR International, Kidzee in these localities for my child's admsn in LKG. Have decided on CGR Intl. in Ayyappa Society as it suits my budget, the school has good facilities, spacious rooms... more importantly pleasant staff. loved interacting with the LKG teacher.

All the best to you!


scorpionbeauty2000 2011-05-27 11:04:55



please do not opt for a different school and different daycare, it is very stressful for a small child to shift like this. if u are ok with jubilee hills, i would suggest sunshine preschool/daycare to you.




kalreth 2011-05-27 11:30:39



It's not good idea to have daycare n school at diferent i see u r kid is quite young..if u r seriously looking n Kondapur are do visit "Hello Kids" i have been their i liked it very much..but couldn't opt as its far frm our place..

Also if u can come down near to Telecomm Nagar area "SAHAJA KIDS" is their they have playschool + daycare..i am planning the same place for my kid who will b into nursery this year..wat i liked abt the daycare at this place s very friendly n already one my colleagues son goes to this daycare..she s quite happy abt it..he to started gng to daycare at the age of  1.5

So whever u choose give lot of preference to Daycare... as most of the time kisds will b spending n daycare...


UjwalP 2011-05-27 11:35:17


Hi All,

I would like to know your opinions on KPHB playschools.. Tree hourse, joykids...


sowmyav 2011-05-31 18:05:59


Hi All,

  Thanks fro sharing the info.Could please provideme the feedback on BACHPAN and

LITTLE EINSTENS in kondapur it would really help me.I will be visiting few play schools by the end of this week and would provide you the feedback,


Sowmya Vaddi


scorpionbeauty2000 2011-06-01 11:04:49


Hi Sowmya,


I wouldnt recommend Little Einsteins even to my enemy.

Here is my review:


We heard lots about Little Einsteins - especially from the beautiful website that proclaims it to be a godsend for most working parents. But unfortunately, the situation out there at the actual school was pathetic. It is set in a building and has nothing natural about it - except a patch of artificial grass - which the facilities lady said is being used by the children to play "freely". It could have been more than 20 *20 feet in size. They have 26 children in daycare, the elder ones sleeping all huddled up in one room, the music teacher (young male) sleeping in another room. I couldn't find a single teacher at 2.30. I saw a facilities manager and some decently dressed ayahs. The classrooms are messy, kitchen tiny - the lady who is sitting there wasn't able to convince us about anything. They do not have any activities in daycare if the child is under 18 months. They are charging probably to keep paying the rent in posh Kondapur area but the facilities are not good, not clean, not safe. Before you write me off as their enemy - let me state that I have nothing to do with this school - I went for a surprise visit to help a friend of mine take admission for her child and was apalled at the daycare facility."



imbarkha 2011-06-02 17:56:12


Hi all,

Any feedback on kindercare or euro kids in kondapur/gachhibowli


mickey 2011-06-04 12:30:40


 Hi  Barkha, Kinderkare is good. My neighbour's colleague's kids were in kinderkare..



ashonPT 2011-06-07 16:22:55


Hi all

I am a new member and joined this group especially to particiapte in this discussion. I am looking for a feedback on couple of daycares in Kondapur near Silpa park area. I dont want it for Little Einstein as I have used this day care before.

I am contemplating on Hello Kids as of now, but got to see some more ads for day care facility in Bachpan . I also saw boards for 2 new daycares : Sriyansh daycare near Aparna Towers , and Little Steps play school and daycare.

If any one has used / surveyed these daycares then please share your feedback. Info on any other daycares nearby would also be good to know. I am only looking for a post school care (1:30 to 6:30 PM ) for my 4.5 yr old son.

Appreicate all help on this topic .

Thanks so much!





Mini01 2011-06-08 17:49:40


Hello All,

I would strongly recommend Kinderkare but its fee is on higer side. and timings are till 6:30 pm.

Roots and Wings is also good

Also Esperaza is coming up in madapur and kondapur by June can look for them too.

The bricks and Hello kids are also @ kondapur but never got a chance to visist them.



ashonPT 2011-06-09 10:37:03


Thanks  for your inputs.

I am not inclined for Kindercare as its lttle off my way .Roots to Wings again is not on my route so not convinient.

I had been to Hello Kids and found it ok facility wise but would like to gather more information on the care providers and supervisor for day care , so if any one is already using their services , please share.

Bricks I had visited but did not like.

I would prefer a place where kids dont remain direction less and just pass time playing with friends or hitting / fighting / idling away. It would be good if some teachers are guiding them during playtime and are involved with them actively . Even during free play kids can learn a lot of things like sharing , waiting for their turn , showinf respect etc .

Dont know if we have these things are brought to focus in daycares. Or am I expecting too much!

Good to know that Esparanza are opening a branch near Kondapur. Do u have any idea abt the planned  location ?  

Also , I have been to Little Steps a new play school cum daycare opened opposite to Aparna Towers . Facilities are v good, but its v new  . Have only 5 kids enrolled as of now. If by chance any parents on this group are using it , please provide your feedback.

I also plan to check upon a few others like Bachpan , Mount Carmel and Sriyansh daycare whose boards are seen in the vicinity of Aparna towers.

Will update my feedback . Meanwhile please share yours.





Suchismita 2011-07-18 13:58:42


Hi AshonPT,

Did u finalize on any school.


prabha531 2011-08-09 22:43:41


 Hai Soumya,

I would like to suggest u Little Einsteins. Because dont rely on suggestions given by people who have just visited the school , my kid still goes to Little Einsteins,Kondapur.  My kid is there since his 7th month and i have got absolute satisfaction till date. The care that they take for my kid is amazing. And kids below 18 months donot sleep with all other kids and they sleep only in cradles. Infact i have trouble feeding my kid on saturdays and sundays because he doesnt eat at home. So they have shown me live how they feed my kid and i am amazed the way kid has taken up all the food.


So i would strongly recommend Little Einsteins,Kondapur. And also they have given me  a two day trial and then proceed with with the payment. Anything has to be seen n felt first before believing anyone's review.


Believe in what u see.


Bujjigaadu 2012-04-03 12:27:23


 Hi sowmya jus read this thread.pls lemme know which school did you join your child.are you satified with the school.I want to join my daughter in PP-2 with day care.please suggest...




Priyaraj2005 2012-04-03 13:36:37


Hi Bujji,

Just curious to know why you want to change the preschool now for PP2 for ur kid? I wouldnt suggest that unless you r relocating or are extremely unhappy abt his current playschool... Because next year for class 1 anyway you wud hv to search for a regular school changing a school every year wud probably not be gud for a 5 yr old ... this is just my opinion ... not sure of ur reasons for the change ...

anyway ... I have not got very gud review on Little Einstein ... One of my neighbours withdrew her kid frm there as she did not like it so well ... Anyway pls chk the place b4 u join ur kid ... My kid is in Kinderkare for almost 4 yrs now and we r happy with it ... though it has become expensive recently ... anyway this is his last yr ther as he is in PP2 now...




Bujjigaadu 2012-04-03 15:26:34


 thanks for your kind suggestions priya.the reason is we are relocating to Madhapur.I enquired in kindercare yesterday.they quoted an amount of 33K Plus only for day care for my kid from 2:30 p.m to 6:30 p.m.This amount is for 6 months.I think it is a bit I ruled it out.

I dont lik Ll Einsteins as i read some parents ruled it out.

You are right.Next when my kid goes to school i will opt for International school around Madhapur.

A moment ago I read good reviews on Sahaja kids @ telecom nagar and Hello kids @ Kondapur.

I am really concerned about the environment surrounding the preschool.It is the deciding factor which i give utmost important.i want all the parents to look into it seriously.for instance I observed kinder is near to main road.and the small road opposite to it has lot of traffic in peak hours.

please help me in deciding a standard preschool for my kid ( PP-2).








Priyaraj2005 2012-04-03 16:49:10


There is BlueBlocks also around that area, not sure of the exact location. And there is Sunshine in Gachibowli ... I dont have first hand reviews of any of these, but know they exist... You also have esperanza ... but I read mixed reviews on it abt the attitude of the management there and also the space ... but this was some time last year ... So you can chk it out personally ... And i think i also saw a Eurokids or KidZee somewhere near Gachibowli area ... There is Samskar kids too ...All these I see the boards as I pass thru the same road every day ... So i dont have any reviews or the exact locations ... :)



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