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UjwalP 2011-05-23 14:31:51


Dear all,

I happened to visit parentree today for my puzzle of joining playschool. By browsing through the pages i could see lot of information which is really informative.

But the schools which were suggested bubbles is little expensive as they charge 4500/- per month and also they are at vasanthnagar.

I am not so sure of bachpan.. can you just share me the reviews about the schools around this area? my house is very close to ladders of jayanagar, Bhagya nagar colony.

I am really thinging a lot about all this... i have twin kids. :) thts the reason i need to think twice about finance also...

Looking for the inputs of  Mickey, pawani, Hasu and all other active participants....



UjwalP 2011-05-24 12:02:46


I have only this weekend to make some choice.. inputs of daycare which provide food are also welcomed...

Awaiting for the responses...


UjwalP 2011-05-25 17:50:30


hi ladies..

i am still looking out for answers...

also i would liek to know about fees for playgroup with daycare....

i am coming across from 1700-3000 month..

let me know till what exten we can negotiate if they ask 3K


shailajakaranam 2011-05-26 16:28:39


Hi Ujwal,


There is a branch of HPS kids coming up in KPHB. Please check that out. Heard the fees is also reasonable.





UjwalP 2011-05-27 11:33:35


Hi shailja,

Thanks for the message. Any idea about Treehouse, Jayanagar and fee they charge


Kirankishore 2011-06-21 13:52:37


Hi UjwalP,

Did you finalize any good play school for your kids as I'm also looking for a good play school and we too stay near to ladders school.

I checked few of the schools near by and did not like much...

Even HPS kids school set up is not ready yet.

Can you please share if you have finalized any play schools in that area or any other that you have liked?




UjwalP 2011-06-24 16:43:27


Hi Kiran...

i didnt like anythingin particular..

what all did u see aroung that area..

i saw treehouse, kidzee,joykids,raindow kids..


Kirankishore 2011-06-26 16:10:34


Hi UjwalP,

I saw treehouse, ladders, some playschools in v.v. nagar.But, i didn't like any..

If you don't mind what is that school that you have finalized. I'm aso in a dilemma to put in which for my 2.2 yrs old daughter.

Let me know what did you finalize?




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