Require review on Fountainhead global school, near hydernagar

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dubbu 2011-05-11 14:47:00




As am new to hyd, looking for schools for 2 of my kids ( UKG and 1st). I was going through all the possible schools in and around chanda nagar, miyapur.


Can any parents give review about this school?

jannu 2011-05-11 20:31:24



 As i went for an interview in this school it is good ya u can join



MCH 2011-12-25 11:55:40


I agree with above comments, we visited the school and stregnth is low and exisiting parents feedback is not so impressive.


BhavaniV 2011-12-26 20:36:43


My son is studying in this school and I'm very proud to say that I'm very much happy with my kid's progress in aspects of behavior and academic compared to his previous school.

The school strength is kept low intentionally to track each and every student progress very closely. This school management is mainly focussed on building up the best students, rather than making money like other schools.

The entrie staff listens to parent's concerns very patiently and also provides you the solutions to overcome such situations.

I strongly recommend parents not to get carried away by this false statements posted against the school. Kindly visit the school before you take a final decision. Please feel free to contact me if you need any more help or details about the school.



BhavaniV 2011-12-26 20:48:26


I sincerely request parents not to get carried away by false/misleading statements posted against the school. My son is studying in this school and this is the best school I've come across close to Miyapur area.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any more help or details about the school.


jyodipu 2011-12-27 11:35:27


My kid not had good experience with this school



BhavaniV 2011-12-27 13:17:36



My kid is studying UKG in this school and I'm very happy that I've chosen the right school for him. What impressed me the most is the management is mainly interested in building up the bright students rather than thinking of just making the money unlike other schools.

My son is very enthusiastic to goto school daily and it is very hard for me to convince him to apply for a holiday for attending any compulsory family events. This is what I expect from the school, kids should always be willing to goto school rather than we impose it on them.

My kid has become very interactive after he started going to this school since the school curriculum covers "Theme of month", "Outing every month", "Digital Presentation", "Show Your Skills", "Story Telling" .

The school is safe and pollution free. The transport facility is also good. The school also engages the children in sports activities and plus point is they have a nice playground.

Most important is the entire staff has tremendous patience to help chidren undestand the concepts and are very open to welcome any suggestions given by parents for kids progress.

The school has a unique concept of celelbrating "Grand Parents Day". This is very crucial in today's world to make the kids understand the value of having them around us.



newbmw 2011-12-27 14:09:23


bhavani.... since you have good experience, it doesnt mean that all parents are having or should be having...

so, stop convincing us... i can very strongly say that it is not the school were any parent can put in their kids.

whatever bhavani has mentioned, it is there is almost all the schools of hyd, nothing new to mention. and please dont talk about the patience level of teachers....(just by keeping your exp)...there are short tempered ppl also..So, please dont certify on a whole.

And their transport is not at all good. they dont drop on specified time

the ayya's and the drivers are not at all responsible.



BhavaniV 2011-12-27 16:30:47


 What you have said is equally applicable to your comments as well? Since you had bad experience, it doesn't mean that every parent is having bad experience or should be having...

I've shared my experience the same way you posted your experience here.

Rightly said by you we are not here to certify on a whole. Let us leave it upto the parents to make a wise decision since every parent knows what they want for their kids.



 Former member 2011-12-29 02:05:17


I dont agree with Bhavani reg. the school has keeping the strength low intentionally.

I assume that the school should have not got enough admissions considering it was thier first year of operaiton into higher standards.

Also it is not a right environment to run classes with a strength of 4-5 students, it will be very difficult to move on to next classes with such a low strengths.

My 2cents.

Rest left to the parents choice.




newbmw 2011-12-29 10:43:58


Munna i agree with you...they themselves told us the same reason what you have mentioned... next year we are expecting to have more kids.


so, it is not that they are keeping it low intentionally.

bhavani says "dont get carried away by false/misleading statements". I dont know how bhavani can say that others are making false statements. its our exp.. that we are sharing out...we dont get anything by making false statements.



MCH 2012-01-04 21:15:20


looking into all these reviews we decided not admit my kid into this school, parents need to be carefull before admit kid in this kind of school.



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