Good CBSE school near Viveknanda nagar, Kukatpally

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DDK 2011-04-27 18:50:51


Hello All,

Could anyone please tell me which one would be the best school with CBSE syallabus for Grade 1 in Viveknanda Nagar, Kukatpally.

Akshara Techno School

Brooks Formula School (Bhayasam Group)

Geetanjali IIT Olympaid school

I am looking out for good academics as well as extra curricular activities.

Thanks in Advance.


daughters 2011-04-28 13:37:29


Akshara is ok

DAV is there also is a good one

Don't go for geetanjali



DDK 2011-04-28 15:09:01


Thank you Kavinder,

DAV had already closed the admissions for Grade 1, so i am left out with Akshara will check out this weekend.



jannu 2011-05-04 20:20:11


hello sir,

how are you?is akshara good or dav for 1 st class child i stay in miyapur whether lotus national school is good reply



cutepoo 2011-07-26 15:28:26




I stay in Miyapur. I also want to know about Lotus Nation School.

AnyBody has any review or any other information about this school.

Also want to know about other good schools (CBSE) near Miyapur.




tilak 2013-04-15 10:55:07




LKG Admissions

I went to Ladders. but it is a small school.  Don't have much idea about school. but they have two cumpuses. both are small. fee structure bus+school+admission comes to 50k per LKG. don't find any payground. but they have small area in the compund only.

Yestersay I went to AKSHARA TECHNO SCHOOL, ambience is good and i came to know that they have introduced CBSE from this year Nur to Class-1. Admissions are open. My neighbour kids are studying. they said it's good. concentrating on over all development. Big playgrounds, activities.

I am impressed with school.  They are follwoing NCERT books from this year from Nur - Class-1.  fee structure is ok. admisison+school fee+ bus around 30- 35k (bus fee is different accord. to  distance) . I had taken applicaiton for my son for LKG.

Is this school is good? Share your opinion. As he is only 4, i don't want to send him to long distance.



Vamsikrishna 2013-04-22 16:02:14



Need your suggestion on this subject (Good CBSE/ICSE school near Vivekananda nagar, Kukatpally)?  

Could you please suggest the best school from Nursery to Class V (For me Best School means,which enhance child over all development ,good teaching staff, extracurricular activities, communication skills and Optimum teacher student ratio ) among these list. 

1.     Ladders School

2.     NRI’s Indian springs

3.     Chaitanya techno school

4.     DAV

5.     Akshara

6.     Geetanjali lit Olympiad

7.     Bashyam brooks formula school or If any apart from this list. 

Looking for your precious reply


smartbunny 2014-06-09 14:28:21


Hi, I am looking for a good school near Pragathi Nagar/Vivekanda Nagar/ Kukatpally for my kid into Class 1. Can anybody suggest best school. my budget is <= 50000.
  • Ladders School
  • NRI’s Indian springs
  • Bashyam brooks formula school
  • New Century Public school
  • MNR Scottdales
  • MNR I Exceed
  • Pragathi School (Pragathi Nagar)

vrada 2014-12-02 15:03:56


Vamsikrishna smartbunny

what are your experiences and inputs for other parents now. Do you have any feedback? where did you join your kids?


vrada 2014-12-02 15:11:09


@  daughters,

Can you pls throw more light on why Geetanjali is a no? Helps in shortlisting schools..



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