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tnvr 2011-04-27 02:27:00


Dear Parents, I'm looking for good CBSE school for  3rd grade admission for my Kid. We just returned back to Hyderabad from US.  Appreciate your sugessions/recommendations

daughters 2011-04-28 13:39:41


Chinmaya Vidyala

Sri Chaitanya Techno school

BVB jubliee hills



tnvr 2011-04-29 01:01:11


Thanks a lot for the information.

I was told getting admission BVB and Chinamaya is difficult, as we are late to approach. Anyways I’ll try.

Another question I have is kids studied abroad, will they be able to adjust to schools like  Sri Chaitanya Tecno.  Any review feedback on the Sri Chaitanya Tecno School will be helpful.

I just enquired some kids in my apartments; most of them go to Meridian.  One more school I found is Sister Nivedita.  Any review feedback on these schools?




mickey 2011-04-29 09:02:16


 Hello Tnvr,

I think , Meridian would be better choice for your daughter at this stage as it will provide a smooth transition. Sri Chaitanya can be a bit stressful.  You will not find many activites as compared to Meridian or Sister Nivedita. It is better for you to opt for  CBSE curriculum now as it follows grading system with no  formal exams/tests which otherwise you will find in SSC schools  (i.e Sri Chaitanya Techno).

If  at all you want your daughter to have strong foundation in Maths and Science, you can opt for it from class 6 onwards . Telugu is compulsory in SSC schools. Is your daughter aware of telugu ? She will have to learn from scratch to cope up with students of class 3. In CBSE schools, she will have to learn Hindi. So pl check out your daughter's comfort level and decide the school accordingly.

Sister Nivedita  has mixed reviews. Keep Meridian as your first choice followed by Sister Nivedita. 

You can check out the  class 3 admission status in Chinmaya, BVB, P Obul Reddy and JHPS too which purely depends on vacancy before deciding abt Meridian.
Chances are bright in Meridian and Sister Nivedita and a few schools in and around Hi-tech city which would be a bit far.

If you are planning to stay in  Jubilee Hills, you can try Manthan International  (Madhapur)or Phoenix Greens (Gachibowli).  It will not be that far from Jubilee Hills.You can look for good reviews from parents of Manthan Intl and Phoenix  Greens too in this forum. 





daughters 2011-04-29 09:03:06


To adjust to these school it will take some, but they will adjust, Meridian and Sister Nivedita also good schools, where you can approach, Give this priority


Sister Nivedita

Sri Chaitanya Techno

As admission is 3rd grade that is not a problem for the child, they can adjust.


kavinder reddy



tnvr 2011-04-29 12:04:05


Thanks Mickey and Kavinder reddy for valuble inputs.

My understanding is Sri Chaitanya Tecno is CBSE school. isn't it  ? Can I prefer in the following order depending on the availability of seat for my son ? Also if anyone has idea on the approximate total fee per year for the following schools, pl let me know

Priority     School                Fee (app)

1              Chinmaya       

2.             BVB

3.            P Obul Reddy

4.           Meridian              1 lakh

5.          Sister Nivedita

6.          Sri Chaitanya Tecno  


tnvr 2011-04-30 14:19:46


Priority     School                Fee (app)

1              Chinmaya       

2.             BVB

3.            P Obul Reddy

4.           Meridian              1 lakh

5.          Sister Nivedita      20K + Admission fee ( No playground, no transport with in 1 km radius,  There are extracurricular activties like skates, music, etc

6.          Sri Chaitanya Tecno


mickey 2011-05-01 12:37:03


 Hi Tnvr, 

Last yr (2010-2011), the fees for classes 1 to 4 in Chinmaya was 17K in all excluding admission fees which will be around 25K. So approximately, the fee will be around 45K in Chinmaya this yr too for classes 1 to 4.

In BVB too, the fees should be around 50K.

Sri Chaitanya Techno and P Obul Reddy are economical too.

Meridian is expensive of all the schools that u mentioned in the priority list.

Your preference seems to be good.  

All The best !!




tnvr 2011-05-03 15:56:23



Thank you so much.

This week I have checked all the schools in my list. However admission for are not available in  Chinmaya, BVB, P Obul reddy and Meridian( Banjara hills).

Meridian (Banjara Hills) informed me that  chances of admission is bright in  Madhapur or Kukatpally branch.  Total fee is around 150k 

Admissions are available at  Sister Nivedita , Sri Chaitanya Techno and Academic Heights (Bachpan).

Are there any other good schools around which I have not considered. If I need to choose between Sister Nivedita, Sri Chaitanya Tecno and Academic Heights (Bachpan). Which is the better option?






mickey 2011-05-03 19:18:43


  Hi Tnvr, I think , Sister Nivedita would be a better option out of all the three schools.

You can also find Niraj Public School in Ameerpet. But that is an ICSE school.

Please have a look at  Radcliffe school in Balanagar. It is quite promising and  has smart classrooms . It is not that far from Ameerpet too.  It is around 7 km from Ameerpet and takes around 15 to 20 min (via Balkampet). Though it  has started last year, many parents seem to be happy. My neighbour's son is studying here. He is in class 2 now.

I think, it is better to visit this school first , before u decide about Sister Nivedita.



tnvr 2011-05-04 01:44:31


Thanks Mickey. I'll certainly visit radclifee school this week. 

Since I'm not able to get admission in preffered schools nearby i.e. Chinmaya, BVB, Merdian-Banajara hills etc

Would it be too far  for 7 year kid to travel Meridian- Madhapur school from Ameerpet? . Also not sure, if it is worth spending around 150k (75K + 75k admission fee), as I'm not really sure, if I stay in Hyderabad for more than 2 years based on my software job. Anyways if it is worth and add value to my kids education, I'm fine with it.

Based on the above criterion( Value for Money), what schools I should consider on preference order. Please advice.

1. Radclifee

2. Meriidian - Madhapur

3. Sister Nivedita




SriniX 2011-05-04 10:44:43



Pl let me know about your views about radcliffe if you visited



mickey 2011-05-04 10:45:43


 HI Tnvr, 
Meridian, Madhapur would be too far and i don't think, u need to spend that much if u are planning to have a short stay in Hyd.

It is better  to prefer Radcliffe or Sister Nivedita. I don't know exactly about grade 3 in Radclifffe. It is only based on two of my friends' feedback. So please check out the staff n other facilities at Radcliffe. Sister Nivedita is an established school when compared to Radclifee but may not have the State of Art infrastructure. So please check out both the schools and  decide. Don't spend too much if you are uncertain about your stay in Hyd. 




tnvr 2011-05-04 14:58:35


Mickey, once again thanks for the valuable information.

I have visited the Radcliffe School. As you  have informed infrastrcuture/facilities looks great!  far better than Sister Nivedita. Fee is around 60K+  including  admission fee. Its a new school,  have their own textbooks.  It is  around 7km from  Ameerpet and also have tranport facility. Any review feedback on Radcliffe School will be helpful.

Thanks, tnvr


SriniX 2011-05-04 16:15:33



Fee is 60k? Are you sure because I heard much less like 20k, I may be wrong, Can you post the fee in term wise?




tnvr 2011-05-04 18:26:00



I mentioned total fee for first year  including everything.  i.e Admission + Annual + Transportation => 25000+25200+10500




tnvr 2011-05-04 18:42:53



You are really helpful  in providing  valuble guidence. Need another suggestion.

My wife visited Manthan international school and given good feedback.  If I need to choose between Manthan and Radcliff, any suggestions.




mickey 2011-05-04 22:49:24


 Hi tnvr,

Manthan is a better choice if you plan to stay in Jubilee Hills or somewhere close to Madhapur so that your child doesn't have to commute so far. Manthan will provide a smooth a transition to your child too.

There are many good reviews about Manthan in this forum  from parents whose kids are studying here.

You can see its reviews in the below link by Seema and Atul

 Pl read detailed review by Isra on 6th Jan’10 on Manthan

 Review by Harsha. You can talk to him. He has given his number in his blog.

 Review by Bondada(Vijay) on Dec 29, 2010 (relocated from UK)

 Mithai has joined her daughter in Manthan after a lot of survey in and around Hi-Tech city and Madhapur. You can see her review too.

 Review by Vjmrhyd Oct 26,2010

Prefer Radcliffe if you are staying in Ameerpet/ Punjagutta/ Erramanzil.

I have heard positive reviews about Radclifee till now. It is better to find out from parents whose kids are in class 3 or 4 before you decide to join ur child here.

Hope this helps.






tnvr 2011-05-05 00:49:49



Thanks for the information. I stay in Ameerpet. I checked the distance to Radcliffe its  6.6  km from my home.

I'm not sure on the distance from Ameerpet  to  Manthan School, Madhapur. I'm assuming it will be less than 10 km.

Sister Nivedita is less than 1 km. Good established school, but infrastracture and facilities doesn't match with other schools.




SriniX 2011-05-05 10:05:37



It is not easy task for parents to find the best school near by their house unless there are thousands. Every parent wants the best school near by. I spent lot of time in searching for school and finally I settled with a question

"What is the best school means?"

My observations about the best schools are as follows

1. Institution should have good Proven History in Education industry

2. The person who manages the institution should be well educated and experienced to handle Institution and should adopt latest teaching methods

3.Capable of investing on latest infrastructure from their pockets

4. Best curriculum and books and teaching methods

5. Best teaching staff ( Educated and Experienced)

6. Preferably NON TELUGU speacking staff for best english communication ( if your priority is Good english Communication)

7. Preferably south Inidan MATHS teachers ( I prefer from AP)

8. Staff and management who can listen to parents suggestions, advices and implements the best

9. Max 1:30 Teacher, student ratio

10.Electronic communication with Principal and Teachers for better results

A good school will not come to every ones location, so we have to go, So i dont prefer that point  " Near by my House", because we can go there for our kids future.

I hope you will keep these in mind if you want join your kid in any class upto 5th or 7th.

For 8th class onwards there are very limited proven institutions, every one knows about them


tnvr 2011-05-05 17:09:20



I agree with your thoughts, but  reality is we are back from USA  few weeks back and may have to return back  in couple of years.Unfortuntely we are already late for the admission to schools which have proven history. 

 Thanks to  Parent tree forum especially Mickey and Kavinder reddy given valuable information on the available options depending on  my situation. Without  this forum, I wouldn't have known this much information in such a short time.



SriniX 2011-05-05 22:00:00



I understand your concerns but unfortunately new and better schools that suits to your requirements (particularly USA return) setup In Madhapur, Gachibowli, bachupally.....etc. You may try for Manthan International which be the best nearest possible to you (as you have plans to go back in couple years)


Best wishes


parentwary 2015-02-24 23:20:33


Which branch of sri chaitanya is good?


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