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veerav 2011-04-25 11:20:00


Hi All,

I am planning to join my  child in a waldorf school. Before finalizing on that , would like to know if any of the parents in this forum have joined their kids in a waldorf school and how was the teaching methodology and the child growth.

Especially would like to know about Abhaya or Diksha waldorf schools..

 After disucssing with management understood that till 6th grade they will not be giving much stress to the academics part and they will be concentrating on teaching life skills.from 7th onwards they will be teached the CBSE syllabus. so will the  child be able to pick up and gain momentum at that point.. how it works?

Any feedback is welcome.


shailajakaranam 2011-04-25 14:14:42


Hi Veerav,

Waldorf is a wonderful curriculum. My friend's daughter is studying in Abhaya. Both the schools are very good, the only difference being Diksha is an established school and Abhaya is a new one.

The children can cope up with CBSE later.




veerav 2011-04-25 15:51:34


Thank you so much shailaja for your immediate response.


gudii 2013-12-12 11:20:02


Hi to all....

I would like know bout prerana Waldrof School in Gachibowli.

PLs help me if any one knew Best Waldrof school in Gachibowli

vhars 2013-12-12 14:08:41


I got to know about waldorf from my friend. her kids go to Sloka. like what others were saying, there is'nt much stree till grade 2 or so. But she even said one point that if for any reason you want to change the school to no waldorf or non montessori, then you will have to wait till grade 4 if you want to put your child in regular CBSE/ICSE curriculum.
You can know this better from the teachers ..

nharika 2016-01-20 10:14:54


Hi, anyone who has their children going to waldorf schools, please reply to this post

Ritu5 2017-11-20 17:59:55


Dear all , Any one from prerana waldrof school parent can tell me about school everything like how is school management how they take care about security about teaching style about teachers standard of teaching ,I am planning to change in senior class

LookOut 2017-11-21 15:17:11


Hi Ritu,

We recently visited Prerana for admissions to LKG and we have a mixed review to share. The following is what I posted on another discussion.
Visited the school recently for admission to PP1/Lower KG. Spoke to head counsellor who looked well qualified, senior and impressive - was able to answer all questions very well.

I am concerned about the fees though. Apart from tuition fees of 90k per year, there's a 35k material fee (?) and a very steep admission fees of 45k. This fees doesn't include transport or food. They didn't bring up food charges, so I assume parents need to handle that themselves. They were unclear about transport fees, but going by experience with other schools, I expect it to be no less than 30k for a distance of 10km.

They were happy to take admissions right now even though there's a directive from education minister to hold off on any new admissions.

For all their talk of alternative teaching methodology, they didn't seem to be different from any other school and just seem as money minded as others. Underwhelmed.

Bhavya2009 2020-08-12 10:00:57


If we put a child from cbse to waldrof concept in 6th standard, will.it do.any value addition to the child as again from.7th std it will.be the same grind?

sidsan 2020-09-01 23:11:12


Bhavya 2009, It won't add any value addition.Its better to make her continue in CBSE as she is in 6th now. If you join a child from CBSE to Waldorf they can adjust well but if you join them from Waldorf to CBSE it's difficult for them to adjust. But 8,9 & 10 they have to follow CBSE so it doesn't make any value addition now.


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