Comparison among Siste Nivedita, MVM and Geetanjali Olympiad schools

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nalla 2011-04-16 11:09:29


Hi Mickey,

My kids have got admission in Sister Nivedita and MVM schools for UKG and 2nd std. Can upl  suggest me which school is preferred interms of Communication skills, academics and other activities. Distance is not a constraint as we move near to the school premises. Also pl give your opinion on Geetanjali Olympiad School at madeenaguda,miyapur.

Pl reply as soon as possible as we need to decide in next three days time.



mickey 2011-04-16 11:22:46


 Hi Nalla,

I think, you can prefer MVM as it is more established in terms of all.

I have no idea abt Gitanjali Olympiad school at Madinaguda. You can write to gkr101 through  parentree inbox.  

Sri Chaitanya -Techno (kukatpally), Dr KKR Gautam Concept School (Kukatpally) are good  techno schools.  Gkr101's  (Kavinder Reddy) son is studying in  Gautam concept school. He might be able to tell u more abt techno/concept/olympiad schools.



nalla 2011-04-16 12:06:18


Hi Mickey,

Thank you very much for your immediate response and valuble suggestion. You have made me tension free...






nalla 2011-04-16 12:53:39


hi Mickey,

Can we prefer Genesis international over MVM? Ofcourse fee is high in gensis..

All other  parents:: pl provide your feedback on this..






mickey 2011-04-16 15:09:09


 Hi Nalla,
I think MVM would be better.. Genesis Intl is yet to get its CBSE affiliation.. It follows SSC from class VI..  Pl check out once again.. You can get in touch with kpjulie through PT inbox too to know more about Genesis. Her daughter is studying here...



SureshChary 2011-12-13 12:24:46


Genesis Intl school is not at all good. My daughter studied there in LKG. Before admission into LKG, she used to tell all rhymes, numbers, alphabets. After LKG, she forgot all of them and had difficulty in identifying the alphabets. Hopeless school! After going through my daughter's books, I could observe that instead of practicing with children, teachers themselves write in CW. And they give a wrong update in parent-teacher meetings. There is no guidence to children in this school. Couple of others whom I know changed their kids because of same reason.





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