How's Bachpan Pre school compared to strawberry Fields in hyderguda

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UStoHyd 2011-03-26 17:37:41


Im looking for a Pre school for my 4 year old and  in need of some advice on some Pre schools around Domalguda. Since we are moving from US and my kid is not used to formal school yet , I want to get started with a pre school before shhifting to regular school.

On going through some posts I saw bachpan , strawberry fileds and DPS play school in somajiguda( this is far for us .so not considering this)



mithai 2011-03-28 08:33:44


hieee,since u are relocating from US an international school would be the best choice for yr son as the enviornment and teaching metholodogies in these lschools make it easier for children to adapt here ........also the overall attitude of the teachers ,staff and caretakers in these schools are much better than the regular preschools children actually dont feel the burden of studies or of the school environment ....


avi25ge 2011-03-31 17:43:57


hello UStoHyd,

I recently moved from UK to Hyd and I have admitted my daughter into Strawberry fields, Hyderguda. It is all right, not big prmises, but teaching methodlogy is on par with international school. You can check it out. I would be interested to know about bachpan though.

Thanks, Avineet



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