Good schools near nagole,lb nagar,uppal areas

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ikshu 2011-03-26 00:46:55



Is there any good schools near these areas.I enquired alot but in vain.I want to join my daughter(3.1 yrs) into a well reputed schools which emphasis on communications skills,infrastructure and staff.i ruled out oakridge,drs and meridian due to the distance.i am ok till 8 to 15 kms at the max...



mickey 2011-03-26 16:52:03


 Hi ikshu,

Try Johnsons Grammar school (ICSE) in LB Nagar, GIIS (CBSE) in Uppal ,

HPS Ramanthpur(CBSE) in Uppal , DPS (Nacaharam) and SR Digi School in Vanasthalipuram.

LB nagar to Vanasthalipuram is around 5km and Nagole to Nacharam is around 8km.




ikshu 2011-03-27 01:43:12


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for ur response..i ruled out Johnson because of construction activites still going on and staff is not upto the standard they maintained at habsiguda .

some of my friends sons/daughters are studying at GIIS are planning to change the school since they have very bad experiences there.

I studied at HPS Ramanthapur and i beleive they r not maintaing the standard which they r before

I have no idea abt SR Digi School so i will pay a visit and update accordingly.

DPS Nacharam is the lone option...but my daughter is in nursery now at smartkidz nagole do i have to join her at lkg or nursery since she is only 3.3 yr at june

what abt LFHS uppal is it ok..they have opened school at LFJC campus



mickey 2011-03-27 12:27:24


 Hi Ikshu,

No idea about LHJC at Uppal.  I think, u need to go personally and talk to parents.
But i spoke to a parent from SR Digi school in Vanasthalipuram  whose daughters are in 3rd and 8th grade . She is quite happy with academics  as well as extra-curricular acivities and communication skills too. The school has Educomp for every class. So pl check out.

The ideal age for LKG is 3.6+. If u find it stressful for her, u can continue in Nursery. A few schools like BVB & JHPS don't take kids above 4 yrs in LKG. But it is not the case with DPS. You can admit your child in DPS next year too. In DPS, Nursery is equivalent to LKG/PP1 and Prep is equivalent to UKG/PP2.  Kindly check out the age factor in DPS once again.

DPS Nacharam is a very good school.

Could u also tell me what were the bad experiences of your friend with GIIS ? There is one parent who has almost finalised admission in GIIS. May be your reviews could help her out.



GASHU 2011-04-01 21:43:12


 Hi Iksu,

If u r looking for a play school.try LITTLE MASTER near Indu Aranya - its starting this year i felt its worth trying ... just visit once and then decide ... for more details u can see their website ..




barapraveen 2012-09-04 15:23:21



DPS Nacharam is from which standard? I have heard they do admissions from Class 3rd. Also please let me know where is St Joseph School.

We stay at Uppal and looking for schools nearby. Aurobindo is it a new school and how is it. Any info about that.

Sorry to trouble you with many questions as we are shifting our base from Bangalore to Hyderabad and lot of thought going in the mind for now.

Also getting admission in KV how easy is it?

Looking for your reply.





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