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ttk 2011-03-12 23:03:24



understanf that this school is offering CBSE curriculum . I am looking for admisiion of my child in class III . can anybody help me with feedback abut the school.


popofcutie 2011-03-15 11:33:12


hi ttk,

if you are staying around nacharam, i would suggest you

1. Delhi Public School (cbse)

2. Johnson Grammar School.(cbse)

DPS first, if money is not a constraint as the admission fee is around 50,000/- and the yearly fee would be around 25k per annum

else JGS.

One thing both have in common is excellent play ground for kids which, i think, is must for a growing kid.





AnjaniGupta 2011-08-11 15:45:33


Can you tell me good schools in dilsukh nagar for ICSE syllubus.


mickey 2011-08-11 16:18:02


 Hi Anjani,
St Josephs Public school at Asmaangadh (Malakpet/Dsnr) is an ICSE school.
You could also try in Johnsons Grammar School in LB Nagar. (LB Ngr is near Dsnr)

You can also find RamaDevi Public School (ICSE). But this school is quite far from Dsnr. It is near RFC (Ramoji Film City). My daughter's friend who stays in Dsnr, goes to RamaDevi.





AnjaniGupta 2011-08-11 16:43:08


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for your reply. Jhonson grammer which is at LB Nagar is a branch of Habsihuda??

I have seen Ravidrabharathi school in internet. Any Idea about it??





mickey 2011-08-11 19:26:15


 Hi Anju,
Yes, I think so.
No idea about RavindraBharati. It's not an ICSE school. 



apubabu 2011-10-22 21:23:51


johnson grammar school,cbse is very good with the standards they maintain, good play ground. I think u can join your kid with out any hesitation.


Aarkay2 2013-03-31 22:54:07


We got admission for our daughter in II grade in Johnson Grammar School, West Maredpally. Can some one suggest whether we can join our daughter in that school?

Also, overall how many branches are there for this Johnson Grammar school?


Aditya365 2013-10-24 12:21:18


Which school is better between Johnson Grammar ICSE habsiguda or CBSE Nacharam. Please reply.

NareshNaresh 2013-12-06 03:33:35


There is no comparison between two schools.

As both schools deals with different syllabus.

In ICSE, JOHNSON GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Habsiguda is one of the top most 

school in Hyderabad.


school with Cambrige international centre.

Both are too.. good with their nature of syllabus.

If you find your kid is hard work in nature and good academic strength then
go for JOHNSON I.C.S.E.

If you want to grow child with stress free education with global aware then
go for JOHNSON C.B.S.E.

tungi 2013-12-06 09:11:49


Please suggest me the best CBSE schools in Secunderabad i.e v stay at ECIL and we can stretch till secunderabad if the school is good.We are shfited from Bombay and searching for a school which has both academics as well as extra curricular activities. My daughter is studying in Dr.K K R Gautham Concept School  6th class and we are looking for admission to 7th class next year.

Please inform me on the schools which have their admissions.

Please, parents give me your valuable feedback at the earliest.

Warm Regards,


happy9 2013-12-19 16:30:29


can you suggest me whether Johnson grammer school  cbse is good or not to join my kid in LKG

NareshNaresh 2013-12-23 15:11:54


In JOHNSON GRAMMAR CBSE is also very good upcoming institute like JOHNSON I.C.S.E. 

My daughter selected for JOHNSON CBSE, DPS/NACHARAM and two more schools.

By interaction with students, parents, teaching staff and finally way of methodology,

I opted JOHNSON CBSE and joined my daughter in 1st Std.

I impressed very much with teaching methodology that they are following.

I didn't find this type of quqlity of teaching even in the reputed institutions also.

Finally i suggest to you to enquire and compare your self and go accordingly...!


APAN 2014-03-26 13:45:42


Mr.Nares nares, I am interested to take admission in johnson grammar school. For my two kids of. 2 std and 5 std, what would be the fee structure.

NareshNaresh 2014-04-11 01:54:34


Admission fee is around 35-40K and annual fees will be 45-50K excluding transport
which will be paid in 3 installments. This fees structure is for JOHNSON CBSE.

26latha 2015-10-25 01:50:34


Hi naresh naresh I am planning to take admission for my daughter in JGS CBSE West marredpally for lkg what do u suggest and also want to shift my elder daughter from St Andrews to JGS. How is West marredpally branch any idea. Pls suggest

vidurveena 2015-10-25 18:10:44


@ 26latha.. Hi just read your post... Any reason y u want to shift ur elder daughter from St. Andrews... Is there any specific reason.. How do u find the school Andrews.

26latha 2015-10-25 19:56:16


Hi vidurveena I have heard from some of the other parents that bowenpally branch is not up to expectations when compared to marredpally and then from 5th the school is in bowenpally second thing is it is far from my place. I don't want my daughters to kill most of their time in traveling. That's it yaar nothing more than that standard wise and all marredpally branch is absolutely fine

ravima 2015-12-03 11:59:11


dear ttk admission is is good


ravima 2015-12-03 12:02:31


after completed inquiry, once u take application then 90% seat is good compare with dps,sarathi.


ravima 2015-12-03 12:07:18


johnson cbse school now donation for UKG:40,000,1st term 15,000,2nd 15,000,3rd 15,000. other than books and uniforms.
but DPS other activities is high compare with academics.dont go DPS,
MY 2nd option sarathi.

san1234 2015-12-04 16:40:16


Can anyone suggest whether we can get admission for UKG in St.andrews or JGS,Nacharam(CBSE/ICSE),my daughter is 4.6 yrs old(DOB is 25th June 2011),as she is june born and her age is not getting adjusted i have transeferred her from Nursery to UKG without studying LKG in present playschool...but she has picked up on her academics now in UKG.....But now have decided to take admission for UKG only again instead of 1st class in new school so that she will get adjusted...Though we are enquiring in JGS,St.anns,St.andrews they are not giving any hopes for UKG admission as there are no vacancies...Only st.andrews has told that they will issue forms from 9th Dec...Can anyone please help me how to get her admission bcoz its very high time for me i have to change her school otherwise it will be very difficult in future to get admission..

Please help and sugges

ravima 2015-12-06 07:29:16


once u check concept she write 1. (A to Z), 2.(a to z),3 (1 to 20).then no problem u go to UKG admission.just now my daughter taken jgs cbse for admission in progress.

san1234 2015-12-09 17:44:48


Ravima Thanku,She can write Capital and Small alphabets,numbers 1 to 300 words one to Forty,few general EVS question and answers too..Please let me know whether UKG admission are in progress at JGS, that can go and check with them as we have already submitted enquiry form.

san1234 2015-12-09 17:46:33


St.andrews is issuing application forms from today ...and submission of forms will be from 13th or 14th Dec...admissions are in progress from LKG to 3rd Class..We got form today for my daughter for UKG admission

ravima 2015-12-10 09:43:22


ok congrats, u have any chance u will try JGS CBSE.


vidurveena 2015-12-10 11:23:10


@san1234 and @ ravima.. I am planning to apply in St Andrews for UKG... @ san1234 what are your reviews about St Andrews marredpally? Have u heard of any negative reviews on Andrews? Also how is Sadhu Vaswani school compared to St Andrews? Where do you stay and Marredpally has no transport so how are u planning to manage if you get a seat there?

ravima 2015-12-10 12:22:51


hai viduveena
st andrews not good ,once u check feedback in old parents.


san1234 2015-12-10 17:02:24


hi Vidurveena,

I got good reviews regarding Andrews,We stay at Warasiguda and they have private vans for different areas who take kids to school,last year my daughter got admission there but didnt join her becoz she was only 3 yrs..and we spoke to Van driver also last year who takes kids from our area..regarding communication,education and other activities i heard good reviews about andrews..
Ravima,did you speak to any of the parents regarding andrews,can you please tell us on negative reviews more so that it will be easy for us to take decision..

26latha 2015-12-10 17:15:24


Vidurveena If u get admission for ur daughter at Andrews transportation is not at all a problem there are many private vans and autos. Once u get the admission u can go to school at around 2.30 pm u can talk to van or auto people they themselves will route you to ur area person. There are many vans u need not worry Rgds Latha


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