Kids transition and reactions from US schools to Hitech city schools

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deeps90 2011-03-07 02:03:44


Hi All,

My query is mainly tagetted towards parents who had school going children in the US and returned to Hitech city,Hyderabad for good.

How do your kids feel about coming back?

DO they have complaints about the schooling in India?

What are the pluses and minuses from Parent's point of view?

What is the overall feel of the city?

I am really looking forward to your answers as this helps me a lot in making decisions.

Thank you,



 Former member 2011-03-07 10:41:19


We relocated in April 2010. Our daughter used to go to kindergarten in NewJersey. Before that she went to a montessory preschool for 1 and 1/2 years.

She had a very good American accent. But she was not very good in Telugu. She could understand everything but wouldn't talk in Telugu. Initially while interacting with grand parents she had some trouble. After a few weeks she got better.

When we came here it was hard for us to find a school initially. We are placed in Gachibowli where my husband's job is. We wanted a school which is close to our place and which can also give same kind of environment to my daughter. 

After research we found that, doesn't matter what syllubus they follow, international schools are the ones that can match the most with US schools. Most of the kids who relocate go to these schools, so tour children can have like minded friends. They can talk about same cartoons and movies etc.

Coming to overall feel, there are a few areas whrer you don't find it any different. Like if you choose gachibowli, try and stay in L& T or HillRidge etc, there the facilities and crowd will be similar for both kids and you.

Hope this info helps...



deeps90 2011-03-07 22:18:25


Thanks for your response Chimmi.I have a few more questions and I hope you don't mind answering.

Iam totally new to Hyd,never been there,don't know Telugu.Would the transition be harder in your opinion?

Which school in Gochibowli does your child go to?What are some of the good Apartment communities near Gochibowli?

How is the Traffic & Pollution near HiTech?

I would really appreciate your response.

Thank you,



Vishlu 2011-03-07 23:59:32


 Hi Deeps


We have come to Hyderabad from Australia a few month ago and my 13 year old son is not finding the transimission too bad.


There are a few schools in the Gachibowli area that are upto US Standard. The schools I would reccomend would be: (not in any particular order of best to worst)

  1. Sancta Maria International School (
  2. Sreenidhi International School (
  3. Manthan International School (

Sancta Maria is a very new school and they will be having their first official academic year this 2011-2012. Although, they have not yet completed the construction which is fenced off from the one building they currently have.This construction will be comepleted by next June which will be the 2012-2013 year. Also, they do not have many students as of yet. You can read more about the school here:


Sreenidhi have a brilliant 50 acre campus but they are very expensive and we have heard that the staff do not communicate well with one another which creates confusion which will eventually pass to the child. Also they are supposedly in some financial troubles and are losing a lot of teachers especially the one who made the school good. For an extensive review of the school read here:


You can read a review of Manthan International School here:


Some good apartment communities near Gachibowli are: (not in any particular order of best to worst)

  1. L&T Serene County near the Nehru Outer Ring Road (
  2. Aparna Heights near Chirec Public School (
  3. Aparna Cyber Commune (
  4. Aparna Sarovar (

Also check on the Sulekha website( for rental apartments.


Traffic and Pollution is actually not too bad compared to other places in Hyderabad but not good but it is average.


Hope this was of some help




sriraumya 2011-03-08 02:11:36


My wife and two daughters (to be in 3rd and 6th std) transitioned from MI, USA. Initially, we were so worried especially for my first daughter due to language problem. Only CBSE allows languague other than Tamil.Thiugh I have apt in Chennai, I put them in CBSE school at Srirangam, Trichy where lot of fundamental values can be learnt. Also, inexpensive tuition teachers. I sent my daughters to Sanskrit, Hindi and Tamil coaching. Within 3 months they picked up everything very well and ranking within Top 5 or 3. My first one is Class first in the 7th so far. However, at time they cried and were thinking and talking about our home and heatless life in USA. But, my wife managed and coached them very well to be where they are now. Also, they are learning carnatic music, first one in advanced level. It requires lot of initial courage, efforts and padding them. They will be colorful butterflies later.


deeps90 2011-03-08 12:42:19


Thanks Vishlu for your detailed reply.It really helps.I am going to research more on the info that you have provided.-Deeps


Sreelak 2011-03-08 14:08:10


Hi Vishlu,

Can you tell me which school your son is going to and also which curriculum (IGCSE or CBSE)?

My daughter is in 7th grade this year in American curriculum, but I am planning to shift to Hyderabad for her high school i.e. 9th. Wondering which curriculum will be the best (IGCSE or IB) and also which school had good staff.

Thanks - Sree


Vishlu 2011-03-08 19:23:39


 Hi Sree

My son will be going to Sancta Maria International School coming Academic Year. I find this school to be most friendly towards others, also due to not having many students they can concentrate more on the children. (Some teachers are from Sreenidhi). He will be attending the IGCSE Curriculum.


As for your daughter I am not quite sure whether she should attend IGCSE or IB.


Hope this helped



Sreelak 2011-03-09 10:32:50


Thanks Vishlu for the reply.  Another quick question, how did you decide on IGCSE for your son? Was he doing the same in Australia?

Deciding on kids education is a little tricky when they move on to high school. I guess where they will do their higher studies is the key, but knowing that so early is not possible in all the cases. I am also leaning towards IGCSE for 9th and 10th and then IB for 11 & 12th to be prepared for her college education anywhere including India. Per my understanding American Curriculum limits you to only US for graduation.

Any parents out there with similar experience, please post your thoughts.

Thanks - Sree


Vishlu 2011-03-09 11:27:42


 Hi Sree

We decided that he would do IGCSE because it is recognised by overseas universities. Whereas ICSE is only recognised by Delhi and he cannot do CBSE as he does not speak proficient Telugu or Hindi. There are no coursers as such in Australia. They just have one syllabus and everyone does it but there are some schools which do the same syllabus but are far more advanced in terms of difficulty.

We are doing the same thing as you are going to IGCSE until 10th and IB or A/As Levels for 11 and 12 as my son wants to go abroad after his Bachelors to do his Masters.

Hope this helped



Sreelak 2011-03-09 12:56:43


Thanks again Vishlu.

It helps to know that parents in the same situations are thinking like me.




Vishlu 2011-03-09 13:24:26


 Your Welcome Sree

This is what the site is for



deeps90 2011-03-10 11:59:49


Hi Chimmi,Thanks for your resonse.In Phoenix greens what would be the tuition fee/year?Is buying food in the school compulsary?How hygenic is the food?What do they usually give for breakfast,snacks and lunch?Does your child like it?

Hope I am not bugging you with too many questions.



Sreelak 2011-08-21 14:44:28


Hi Vishlu,

How is your son finding Santca Maria? Was the transistion smooth?

What are your thoughts on the school? Can you please provide some feedback on the school / staff / teaching methodology?




charlotte 2011-08-22 10:01:12


Hi Deeps,

It looks really tough intially but I think we get used to this change.I think kids can get adjusted  more faster depending on the location and school they go.It was difficult for me to find one both with place and school.AS I discovered hitech city is the better option in Hyderabad for the people who moved from US as the 60% of the population now in this area is from abroad.I think this a good choice to stay .Schools like orchids,meridian,rockwell and oakridge are  filled with more abroad return kids.Out of which I felt meridian and orchids are good.The basic fight is with languages telugu and hindi if that looks fine then I think its more easier.Traffic for sure yes would be a problem for sometime(till you get used to it)Hope this helps you.






Aum 2013-02-05 06:30:43


Hi All,

We are planning to relocate  to Hyd in July 2013. We will be living in Hi-tech city.My kids will be coming to 7th and 3rd grade.Both are born in US and i can foresee the challenge they may have there. I have been reading lost of the reviews on the schools and have short listed few like orchids, chirec,manthan etc.  All  feedback  from parents has helped a lot to get going. Unfortunatly i can  be there only in July to make my final decision after visiting these schools. Meantime is it good idea to apply for these schools online now or can be done in July when we arrive there?

Thank you.

(worried mom)



justakid 2013-07-01 00:57:15


For smooth transition,  It is better to reach India as soon as possible. Especially due to 2nd and 3rd languages.

International schools are good for transition from US to India.

Chirec I heard mixed reviews

I am also doing research I will post my feedback


 Former member 2013-07-06 21:16:00


Based on my experience, It's better to land in India atleast couple of weeks before school classes starts so that you can have enough time to personally visit schools, do some ground work/analysis on various factors before deciding the school.

This will also allow kids to get some rest before school year starts and adjust to Indian environment a bit.

Many schools open during vacation period to handle admissions.

My family landed in India in May 1st week by early withdrawing from US school. My wife initially thought she can take 2 weeks rest at her native and and then start searching schools in Hyderabad.
But due to extreme hot weather in May they can't start until 3 or 4 weeks. Finally my wife first visited hyderabad and stayed in a relative's house. I did all the ground work and provided her a list of schools with addresses to visit.
every day she visited 4 schools personally and collected information. Did this for 3 days.

On 4th day, we came to a conslusion and going through the collected information and finalized school.

then my mother in law came with kids to Hyderabd and went to school and finalized the admission.We made all this happen almost a week prior to official start of school.

My suggestion is it's better to send kids from the day 1 of the school so that kids can meet friends and they can have a feel of that. Parents can attend Orientation and be ready with all information.
if kids join later, it will be kind of hurry and might feel uncomfortable.

So far I don't see any complaints. My daughter already picked up Telugu which is our initial worry as how she can cope up. But good amount of kids in these international schools are US returned so it's ok.


Rahul2013 2013-07-07 05:23:57



We are moving from NZ to Hyderabad end of July. We did much research on the issues our daughter will be facing while in Hyderabad and one of them was schooling and adjusting in schools. She is in Year 6 here.

We talked to a few schools and few people about this and some suggested Homeschooling. For me it was sort of unheard of in India but when I started researching on the subject of homeschooling I found that many parents have opted homeschooling for overseas returned kids. 

I need some more input on this subject from parents who are returning to home country with their kids.

Could I please ask for some inputs from you all before we make the big decision?

Thank you so much..





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