Good Schools near MIYAPUR for my Kid (2.5 yrs)

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KPSSS 2011-03-06 12:30:11


Hello Mickey,

It is a great initiative from your side, in thinking/organising a get together for this group.

I really appreciate your thought and the kind of information sharing you ahve been doing as part of this website.

I have a 2.5 yrs old daughter and I am looking for good schools near to MIYAPUR, I knew some schools nearby, but would like to take your opinion 

By going through the Parent Tree discussions, I was able to get some idea about few schools but appreciate if you can list just TOP 5 schools from your side in Miyapur for my kid.

Thanks in advance!






mickey 2011-03-06 14:51:23


  Hi KPSSS, 

So are u interested in the Meet ? If yes, please introduce yourself in my blog.

Is your daughter going to playschool now ?

Well, the top 5 schools in and around Miyapur are DAV , Silver Oaks, Sentia-The Global,  Vikas-The concept school and KennedyHigh Global.  Parents can prefer other schools too .

You could try in Sanghamitra  in Nizampet or The Creek  in Bachupally. 

It is better to prefer  a school which is close to your place as ur daughter is too small. 



KPSSS 2011-03-06 17:32:07


Hello Mickey,

Sure, I shall do that right away...

No, she is not going to playschool now.

Whilst, I exploring these schools listed by you, what could be your good advise on the next steps, Should I go for playschool now or try getting admitted in the schools listed.

Will wait for your reply and thanks for your response...






mickey 2011-03-06 17:50:30



In that case, you can put her in Nursery as she will be 2.8 in June and can join her in  LKG/PP1 in June 2012  when she turns 3.8.  

You can try in Silveroaks and Sentia. If you get in  any of these schools, you can continue in the same school for higher grades as well if you are satisfied. 

DAV starts from LKG. If you are interested in DAV, better put her in nearby playschool like Lillys/ Euro kids / DPS playschool /  DRS Kids / Bachpan / Bubbles / Prodigy
and try for DAV or  other established schools like DPS or Chirec  in NOV/DEC 2011 when the admission process  starts for LKG.




KPSSS 2011-03-06 22:36:14


Hello Mickey,

Thanks for the advise. I shall explore these and keep you posted.

By the way, i clicked on the link whch you have provided, but it says "Page Not Found".

Could you give me any other alternative link, cant stop myself joining this bandwagon...







mickey 2011-03-07 18:46:32



Try clicking the link now.  The last part of link was missing above.

You can introduce yourself in my blog as well as in GFB ( Great Friendship Bond)  if interested in the current page i.e page 255.

You can also join the 'Lets form a Friendship Bond ' thread which we call  GFB( Great Friendship Bond) for regular interactions where you can find many friends from Hyd and also from other places. Many of us have met too.

...and yes, pl do explore the schools and take a right decision.

All The Best ..




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