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Maitree 2011-02-22 07:57:47


 Hi all,

I am looking for school near chandanagar for my daughter's admission in nursery.  I am thinking about Eurokids and Bhavans BHEL any information on these schools will be helpful.  I need the following information -

Admission dates
Fees (tution, Admission, transport & misc).
Admission procedures

Note - I am not looking at any international school.  



chandrag 2011-03-02 16:47:40


Hi Harshita,

In Bhavans for this year application was already issued and coming weekend they were going to conducting the interviews. By march 2nd week they will display the final list.  Joing fee around 30 k  and no transport facility.




chandrag 2011-03-02 16:54:53


Hi All,

Did any one knew about geetanjali kg school at BHEL? I would like to know the feed back about geetanjali kg school at BHEL.




Ayesha11 2011-11-19 09:00:28


 Nallagandla is an upcoming locality in the city. And finding the right school for my child for a serious task.

After all the search, we finally zeroed in on Eurokids Nallagandla. School is located away from the road, inside a peaceful colony, very neatly done and humble staff members. Highly approachable. Also the caretakers are good and trained which is a crucial thing for any school. Finally Hygienic :) Cant compromise on that for my child.

Now in terms of cost i thought this was a best option, as all the other school were almost double the amount as compared to eurokids nallagandla.

My daughter has completed her first sem in Nursery, and im very happy with her progress. 

I would recommend this school to any parent..

Hope this information would help parents who are finding it difficult to decide - I took almost 2 months :)




fghhhgjh 2013-03-08 14:37:19


Hi Ayesha, Thanks for ur information about Euro kids could you please tell what is the auual fee for Nursery....



kvmkvm 2014-02-13 23:08:37


Parents, please think twice before sending your kids to Euro Kids, chanda

nagar. There are multiple issues with this branch..The prime issue is, they

PUNISH the little ones !!! that too for silly and unnecessary reasons ! They

make kids stand in the class room, stand in their Knee with hands up, tell 'Get

out' to kids..Ask littile ones to finish food fast and also ask to close the

box, if any one can't complete it with in their short time...They make them

stand separartly, if they are late to class....If we complain, they simply deny

it...the branch manager, navaneetha and other one - sunita are number one kid is afraid to go to school...she plays as school teacher at home

and 90% of time she simply shouts and make punishments and tells this is how

her class is...Another thing is, there is no quality for teaching..their staff

get changed very there is no continution...we are waiting to

move out of the school asap...Their support staff also not good...they even eat

kids left out fruits some times...The branch manager is very rude and i have

noted that, she fights/ argue with parents very badly....once the kid reaches

UKG and after payment, they are least bothered about them with out any proper

teachers...So think thrice before sending your little one to will end

up in paying huge money to get punishment for your kid....


Kirankupps 2016-07-10 16:17:29


Euro kids is one of the sad schools in chandanagar, they do not return your deposit, do not pay salaries to teachers . None of the teachers stay for more than an year .


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