Chaitanya techno schools has started their branches in Bangalore

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 Former member 2011-02-16 12:43:36


Hi Mickey and all,

I am working in bangalore, My son is studying UKG in Andhra which my native place.

I am going to join him in 1st class in any good school in Bangalore in next academic year. I heard that Chaitanya techno schools has started their branches in Bangalore. Can any body suggest me 'is it good to join in that school?'. what about the reviews on that school?

Thanks all.


mickey 2011-02-16 13:52:45


 Hi Satwik,
Sri Chaitanya is a good school but you need to be sure that the school is complete with all required infrastructure , staff n facilities. Recently , one of our friends from 'Lets form a Friendship Bond ' thread in parentree has written about the sad state of affairs of this school in Banglaore. She was given the task of convincing parents to join their kids in this school without a proper building, infrastructure n staff in place. The premises was just in its nascent stage and she finally decided to quit her job as it was against the ethics. So please visit the school personally and take a decision.



 Former member 2011-02-16 14:45:27


hi micky,

thank your very much for your kind reply as you said i will go to school premises and see what is going on ther and decides.

please give some good schools info in bangalore.







Angell 2011-02-24 18:15:32


Hi all,

Yes. It's absolutely the case with Sri Chaitanya and Narayana, they want admissions even before their infrastructure is complete.


mickey 2011-02-24 20:33:30


  Hi Satwik,

I am from Hyd and have no idea about Bangalore schools. The ones which I  know are only from PT threads in Bangalore group .

Please post your query in Bangalore group so that parents from B'lore might help you out.



Satora 2013-07-25 20:16:48



I'm relocating to Bangalore. I've heard about Sri chaitanya school in bannerghatta road. Kindly suggest how this school is. 




Satora 2013-07-31 08:55:48


 Hi all

        Thanks a lot for ur feedback





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