SSC or CBSE which is preferable for joining 6th class?

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Badam 2011-02-12 14:17:46


 Hi Mickey,

My daughter is now studying 5th Class with SSC syllabus. We are planning to join her in 6th in one of the good schools. But the thing is we are in confusion about to join our baby in SSC or CBSE? Our actual requirement is our baby should be well and good in communication and also she should be very good in presenting the information? Could you please suggest which is good SSC or CBSE?   

mickey 2011-02-12 15:01:30


 Hi Badam,

She can continue with SSC if the school is good. Children from SSC have very good communication skills , are smart  and allrounders too. It basically depends on the school. 

Not  all SSC schools are good in extra-curricular activities. Many SSC schools concentrate more on academics. Now that CBSE has introduced   CCE which is Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation, children will  be tested in many areas including academics through out the year. The child gets more exposure. In many CBSE schools, CCE starts from class 6 or 7.  A child will have to take part in Group discussions, class activities , presentations/seminars , assignments, individual and group projects etc.The children are also encouraged to participate in various extra-curricular activites which automatically boosts  their confidence level..  The report card carries only grades and no ranks are  mentioned.

So if  you feel the present  school is not upto mark, you can  opt for a good CBSE school  else  a SSC school which lays emphasis on extra-curricular activities and encourages children to communicate in English.




Badam 2011-02-12 17:15:33


Hi Mickey,

Thank you for your valuable suggestion

I could not find all the above in current school so we are going to change the school. Now she is appearing admission test in all schools. Let's choose the school which is best  


Badam 2011-02-12 17:35:53


Hi Mickey,

I have a doubt which school is the best in CBSE. Could you please suggest me which is good in CBSE from below list as my baby is appearing admission test in these schools: Maharshi Vidya mandir, Vikas Concept School.

I have also heard about a new school which is started in KPHB named as "Sri Swamy Chinna Jeeya International School". Could you please suggest would this is Could you please suggest would this is recommended? I am in dilemma... 


mickey 2011-02-12 19:01:38


Hi Badam,

Both  the schools are good and easy on pocket too.  No idea about the Sri Swamy Chinna Jeeyar International school which is yet to start. It is too early to say anything. 

Apart from these, you could also try in DPS and Chirec which are established  CBSE schools with fees on higher end.

Manthan International in Madhapur and Phoenix Greens in Gachibowli is good too.

I would suggest you to visit these schools. You will find many good reviews of Manthan in this forum by Seema & Atul , Harsha, Mithai and other parents. 

You can see its reviews in the below link by Seema and Atul

Review by Harsha

 Review by Bondada(Vijay) on Dec 29, 2010 (relocated from UK)

Review by Vjmrhyd Oct 26,2010

Recently one parent(mithai) has joined her daughter in Manthan after a lot of survey in and around Hi-Tech city and Madhapur. You can see her review too.

You can look for Phoenix greens reviews too using parentree's search engine.

Hope this helps.



kitkat 2011-02-28 16:08:06


Hi Badam,

i think as a parent we would first prefer aschool where the chid feels happy .They need a school where they are treated and respected for what they are and what level of teaching he needs is important. A very wrong notion is there abt ssc syllabus schools becoz of few schools timings.My sister's daughter is in sanskriti the school located near dsnr kothapet .They have all the amenities and a very good environment .I was amazed the way they conducted Fest and competitions for 2000 kids of different schools.Its good to see such a good school in Dsnr.You can have a look of the school .i know the land line no. only.




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