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sairam1 2011-02-06 19:23:48


Hi Friends..

I am a NRI planning to return to Hyderabad after 5 years in USA. My Son will be coming to 9th Grade & daughter to 5th Grade. Both does nt know Telugu (writing / reading) , but understand / talk Telugu fully. After going thru many blogs / discussions, for us only choice will be International School. 

Appreciate any help on this topic. Can kids adjust to hectic schedules of schools there ? How are these International schools in Hyderabad, apart from charging hefty fees ? I am planning to settle somewhere near Hitech city (SR Nagar / nearby).  Can my kids adjust to Hyderabadi Schooling without Telugu / Hindi ?  

Thanks in advance..Sairam 

mickey 2011-02-06 21:21:44


 Hi Sairam,

Do they know a bit of Hindi ? Yes, International schools are the best option. But which one , is a big question ? If your children know Hindi atleast a bit you could try in CBSE schools.  Selecting a school for the elder one  is a challenging task . What is their curriculum in US ? Do they know French ?

I need your inputs too so that i could find out and let you know.



sairam1 2011-02-06 22:47:26


Hi Micky

Thanks for your help.. They both knew Hindi a bit , some time 4 years back when they were in india. But now, its difficult to remember. Here in USA, nearly  in all places, schools teach mainly English & Maths.  A bit of Social studies & Science also which may not be upto our standards. Biggest problem they face would be Metric standards which are in use in whole world except in USA. They are learning Pounds, inches, miles, ounces, gallons instead of regular KG, CM, KM, Liters etc.

Hence i thought international schools would be best option so that they wont take heavy loads all of sudden. unfortunately, they are not learning any other language here like French / Spanish. It would be problem mainly for my son who will be coming into 9th grade when he comes to India. So I am searching for a International school which does not keep kids for 10 - 12 hours a day and  they should not get a big jolt all of a sudden.  Is there any syllabus which allows exams only in English ? or Hindi is must ?

Appreciate all your help in this so that we will have some idea before landing there..




shailajakaranam 2011-02-07 04:25:51


Hi Sairam,

Let me introduce myself before i answer your question. I am Shailaja Karanam, a parent of two teenagers and i come with an experience of almost 10 years working abroad in the IGCSE curriculum, offered by the Cambridge International examinations. I conduct weekend workshops for parents and after school suppport classes for students of IGCSE.

I relocated to India two years back and hence had to put my son in an International school, owing to the same reasons as quoted by you.

I feel sorry to say that the so called International schools only match International standards in terms of infrastructure and exhorbitant fee but not in educational standards. It's not worth an ounce of the fee charged.

After an year's ordeal I decided to homeschool my son in the same international curriculum. He finished his AS level(11th class) with in 5 months of completing his IGCSEs, and now preparing for his A levels(12th standard). They can appear these exams privately.

Adjusting into these schools is becoming a stressful task for these kids interms of workload and peer pressure. There are many parents who are unhappy and are deciding to homeschool. Drop me a mail into my inbox to know more. I will be glad to help you as I already have a small group of homeschooling parents.




mickey 2011-02-11 14:18:29


 Hi Sairam,

Yes, Shailaja is the best person to guide your regarding IGCSE and IB . You can get in touch with her.

You could also try in International School of Hyderabad. 

I spoke to one of my friends whose kids are in ISH and they relocated from US last year.  English is the main language and students can opt for French/ Spanish from class 6. However, your son can have an orientation for these languages. You could get in touch with school and clarify. But  the  fee is too high. It is around 4 lacs per annum.





sairam1 2011-02-11 17:45:55


Hi Shilaja / Mickey

Thanks for your suggestions and information.  It helped a lot.


Srideep 2011-11-10 23:00:17


 Hi Shailja and Mickey,

In the posts I have been reading I have seen that you two have been actively involved.  I will be moving soon to HYD from US and I have a boy who is 6 yrs and a girl 18 mnths.

Things I am looking for in a school

1. Good educational foundation which prepares him well for india/abroad curriculum my son studied in a montessori curriculum) and he is really doing well.

2. Smaller ratio of children to teacher 

3. A comfortable environment with friendly son tends take a little longer to adjust/open up.

4. I will also have my daughter go to the same place where my son it would be good to find a school which also has good programs for that gae.

I had a couple questions.

I see Shailaja that you have a backdround in icse..How do you think cbse compares to there a little difference or more

Also you talked about homeschooling..can you please give me more information on it.

WOuld appreciate if you guys could suggest some schools? I am looking for schools more in and around Hi tech city.




sairam1 2012-01-07 18:16:28


Hi Shailaja

I was referring to your mail on Home Schooling... Now the time has come as we

have to return to India after completing Visa fully. Can you please reply ot my mail id : and I would like to talk to you to understand this home schooling concept. I am very much interested as I dont want my kids to get into lot of unnecessary pressures related to Hindi / Telugu languages.

Please write some suitable time when you will be free to talk and I will call you. Please mention your contact number. I am planning to settle in Amberpet area near Nallakunta .  Thanks Sairam


latavishu 2012-02-23 15:33:39


Hi Sailaja,

I just read your reply..  I have two sons studying in British curriculum in KS3 .We are planning to come back..I want to know the options they have after completion of 12th standard (A levels).

Can they appear for IIT Or  state exams or do they have to go abroad for their undergraduation courses.

I really don't have an idea whether they will bein a postition to write entrance exams after studying in IGCSE. We are in a big  confusion now.

What are your sons planning to do after 12th?We are planning to come in July?Can I meet you?

thanks and with regards





visumohan 2015-08-18 01:16:45


Hi Sairam,

Just want to know did you get a good schools for your Kid.Can you share few schools information.


atharv2011 2015-08-18 15:28:46


HI Shailaja,
I saw you comments above, in need of your guidance to choose a good school.

I am new to hyderabad - relocated from Bangalore.

My son is now 3.5yrs old and goes to Nursery at Eurokids paly school.
Can you please suggest me a good ICSE school. I live in Miyapur and ready to relocate closer to the school/
Looking for a school with following - 

1.Behaviour and Discipline with Moral Values
2.Less teacher to student ratio
3. Individual attention to each all kids
4.Balance between academics and extra activities.

I am not looking for a high end school like oakridge or Chirec.
I am also ok with start up schools who have thirst to build up reputation and are striving to do this. 

Kindly suggest.


Thanks & Regards,

Geetha Aarthi.M


visumohan 2015-08-19 01:37:02


Hi Geetha,

Please share your list for the Good Schools which you have already short listed.I am looking for admission to my 8 year daughter.


atharv2011 2015-08-20 09:48:52


HI Visumohan,
I have shortlisted Kalpa, Future kids ( yet to decide on this since i read there is no text books till 5th grade) Shiv sivani, Johnson Grammar school. If these dont fit to my requirement then i should com up with a second list.
Which are the schools u have short listed? 
Let me know ur opinion about the above list of schools.


visumohan 2015-08-20 16:58:49


Hi Geetha,

I was going through the Web site and finding as much as possible information.My Company still not provided any information of shift from USA to India. once they confirm I will start talking with schools.My only worry is i need to shift my daughter in mid term and where she will get the admission in the Hyderabad,please suggest if you came across any of your friends came across this situation.I will IM my personal id

Open Mind Birala School Ganges Valley School Gadium School Mathan School Kennedy International School Silveroaks Oakridge Claps International School Geetanjali


TS 2015-08-21 17:13:32




We are planning to shift to Hyderabad from banglore.

I need few infos abt the schools in Hyderabad.

1.During which months admissions happen in hyd?

2.Please suggest some good schools around Madhapur.

3.Also suggest some schools around medchal.


Thanks in Advance




mkolagani 2016-04-11 11:14:48


Dear Sailaja,

My daughter is in 9th class in IGCSE syllabus. We live in Habsiguda. Are there any good tutors around in Habsiguda? She needs help with Science (Physics, Biology and Chemistry) and Maths.
Thanks in advance.


shal9 2016-07-04 12:24:22


Hi Shailaja

 was referring to your mail on Home Schooling...

Can you please reply to my mail id : and I would like to talk to you to understand this home schooling concept

and teacher mentors for 9th grade IGCSE. We are in Bangalore. Any pointers towards such teacher mentors would really help.




rubi01 2017-01-19 04:49:52


hi shailaja,
we are currently living in UK .i have 3 children's 11 year old in year 7 ,8 year old in year 4,last one will be starting her nursery next year.there schools follow GCSE syllabus hear in UK we are planning to move to India ,Hyderabad by next june 2017 .i have lots of questions in  my mind but no answers for them until i read your review on this website .
i need some guidance from you on which school i should choose as per my children's need. Can you please reply to my mail id;

 Former member 2017-02-15 20:30:38


Hi Sailaja,
Can you please give me more information regarding homeschooling.  We are planning to move from US this June and seeking admission for my son into grade 6.  I am exploring the international schools in hyderabad but I feel like they are just a show off and charging a huge amount of fee.  
Thank you


12pari 2017-05-31 19:02:34


Hi all,

My son is in 12 th grade wants to give his A levels in May/ June series. So the results will be out in August only. So, is it possible to get admission to engg college in chennai. Anybody kindly enlighten

Thank u



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