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premsa 2011-02-01 23:49:28


My husband has been transferred to Secunderabad so we are relocating from chennai to secunderabad coming week. My child is studying in First standard and i want to know whether she can get admission in any schools in and around secunderabad now or straight w\away to second standar from June onwards


dhru 2011-02-01 23:58:45



first tell which board u prefer


premsa 2011-02-02 09:51:51


Hi dhru,

thanku for ur feedback, i am looking for CBSE school.

Pls help me on this


dhru 2011-02-02 23:31:24


ok then think of  the time u wish to spend here in hyderbad.............secondly the monthly budget u can thnk of for fees..........dps 42 k  indus 45 k   howards 17...........decide the plac where u will live(avoid travelling for lid as traffic is there)


mickey 2011-02-03 00:15:40


 Hi Premsa,

I think it is better to try for class 2.  There are just 2 months left for class 1 to be completed. Most of the schools close by 10th or second week of April. Is it not possible for your kid to complete her class 1 in Chennai and get the TC ? You may start enquiring for class 2 admissions from March 1st week onwards.  It depends on vacancy followed by entrance test in the last week of April or 1st or 2nd week of  May.

There are many CBSE schools in Sec'bad where u could try.  

St Andrews , DPS Diamond point  and  DPS Nacharam , Kotwals , Bolton ,  Pallavi Model school ,  BVB Sainikpuri , Kendriya Vidyalaya Picket , KV Trimulgherry , DAV Safilguda , SVIS in Kompally , Diksha Waldorf in Alwal , Indus World School in Yapral .

Where are u planning to stay in Sec'bad ? You can choose schools within 7 to 8 km radius depending on the location.

I think, even if you are relocating by next week, make some alternate arrangements for your child to complete her class 1 in Chennai. May be u could take her to Chennai during class 1 assessment tests and get it written so that she completes her class 1 formally.

You could as such get  admission in class 1 in a small school. You will have to pay the whole fees or part of it depending on the school.  I feel it is better to try for class 2 than class 1 now.




premsa 2011-02-03 19:16:59


Hi dhru,

 thanks for ur feedback. We are looking for a good school and the fees is not a big criteria. Four to five years is confirmed to stay at Hyderabad and after that it depends on his promo


premsa 2011-02-03 19:58:37


Hi mickey,

thanks a lot for ur feedback. We are moving to secunderabad this week, not aware of the proper location but somewhere near Ganshyam Super market, sec -15. Really very much confused and worried abt the school admission. Whether its possible to get 2nd std. admission without completing this year. Can you pls tell me wht can be done?


mickey 2011-02-03 20:47:09


 Hi Premsa,

Please ensure to take the TC from his previous school and prepare her at home in these 2 months for entrance test for class 2.  It will be based on class 1 syllabus.  
Collect her  class 1 report card too.

Is it not possible for u to go during the assessments to Chennai and make ur daughter appear for it ?  If not, you may request the concerned teachers to put the grades accordingly taking the average of all the assessments conducted till date   for the annual grades. You could request the Principal.  Nowthat CBSE has introduced only grading system and she  is in just class 1 ,   I think the grades can be given to your daughter . Just check it out with the Principal. 

Don't worry about the schools. You will get it somewhere for sure. There are many schools in Sec'bad.



premsa 2011-02-04 00:13:34


Hi mickey,

Thanku soooooooooooo much for ur sincere reply. Actually the school in which my daughter is studying conducts 5 monthly C.T exams per academic year. 3 monthly C.T's are over and the fourth one has been started. Those exams are not conducted consecutively, only one or two subjects per week. so i don't think its possible for us to  come to chennai every week. As you said will meet the Principal and make a request. To be frank ur feedback has given me more of confidence, once again thanku.


Pricasso 2011-02-07 11:15:14


Hi premsa,

I was in ur position last year. I moved to sec'bd from chennai in May only. My daughter was also studying in class 1 in Chennai then. Parentree reviews and posts helped me a lot. I came in April for a couple of days and had my daughter give the admission test in a few schools--Secunderabad Public school (west marredpally), DPS Mahendra Hills. She got in both and we could also approach St. Andrews for the entrance exam, but both St. Andrews (West marredpally) and DPS mahendra hills have classes till Class 4, then the classes shift to other campuses. So, we put her in Secunderabad Public school and she's doing great there.

The problem you will probably have to face is the fact that most schools will ask for a TC before admission. So, you'll have to complete the Class 1 at Chennai. Secondly, here the academic year begins in March itself, so before the summer vacations, one month of class 2 will have been completed. My daughter joined in June (after the summer vacations) and had to cover the missed portions. A little help is needed at this time so make sure the school you opt for takes note of this. Another thing you may want to consider is the second language. If you had opted for Hindi, then you may find that Hindi syllabus/coverage a bit more here than in Chennai. So, be prepared for that too.

Hope my post helps you in some way.


Pricasso 2011-02-07 11:19:56


One more thing, you may not require this info, but just letting you know from my experience...since you will be shifting from one state to another, CBSE requires that you get the TC duly attested by the education officer. This is particularly asked for by some of the CBSE schools here in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The education officer office is at 100 feet road in chennai.

Which school in chennai is your daughter currently studying?


mickey 2011-02-07 21:23:32


 Yes Pricasso, you are right. Any info and experience you post, will be useful for parents.

Could you please tell us about Sec'bad Public School ?
How do you find it ?  
How old is the school ?
How are class X results and approximate fee structure including transport .
Hope i have not asked too many questions.

Your inputs might help parents looking for this school.



Pricasso 2011-02-08 15:20:16


Hi Mickey,

Your posts are very helpful. I've already posted a review of The Secunderabad Public School at

I found it on the Net. The school's website is

This year the school is taking admissions from PP1 to Class 12. Fees wise, I paid around 55K for the entire year as I was taking new admission into class 2.

I'm sorry I don't know about the exact details about class xth results, but i believe the school had advertised 100% pass.

Hope this helps.


mickey 2011-02-08 19:38:29


 Thanx Pricasso.



premsa 2011-02-13 21:56:34


Hi Pricasso,

Thanks for ur feedback. My daughter studied in Ponvidyashram CBSE school, and her second language is Hindi. We have already shifted to secunderabad last week and have applied for TC in the previous school. Pls tell me wat can be done at this stage.




Pricasso 2011-02-17 15:14:09


Sorry for the late response. My daughter also was in Pon Vidyashram. Well, at start itself, let me tell you that Hindi here is much advanced, but don't worry, your kid will pick up fast. Just need to give her a bit of coaching initially.

Have you got an admission in any school here as yet?

If not, it would be better if you can get your daughter to sit for the annual exam at Chennai and then get the TC. I got my daughter to give the entrance in couple of schools here for class 2 and then went back to Chennai, gave the annuals there, got the TC and then joined classes here after the summer break.

What are you planning to do? Do let me know what you decide to do for your daughter.



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