KIDS who got admitted in DAV ,MIYAPUR(2011-2012)

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venkata123 2011-02-01 18:51:40


Hi all,

 i want to start new thread where we can discuss abt kids who got admitted/Problems/Suggestions for these kids etc

venkata123 2011-02-07 19:37:29


Hi all,

 today i visited new campus,still unver construction.around 30% completed.i think it takes atleast 5-6 month to complete.but it is bigger than DAV,kukatpally.


mrinmy 2011-02-08 13:23:00


Hi all,

Has the admission closed in DAV?



GeethaKoppolu 2011-02-08 13:33:48


Hi Venkat,

 Did you join your kid in DAV. Please let me know about any latest happenings related to LKG admission process.




Bently 2011-02-09 10:41:31


 Kindly help me out naaa I want my bro 2 make him join in DAV he is gng 2 finish his 5th now so I need admission into 6th class


mickey 2011-02-09 11:29:27


 Hi Bently,

Please call up DAV, Miyapur and find out.              040-20045024     

When i called up 10days back for class 1 admissions, the admin-in charge told me to call up after 15th feb'11.

Usually admission depends on the vacancy followed by entrance test. You could also find out in DAV Kukatpally .  Ph             040 23065024      




venkata123 2011-02-09 11:44:10


Hi Geetha ggaru,

 Just 1 hour back only submitted the DD.They told us call on 1 st week of march.then they will inform us when to collect admit card/books/uniforms etc.

LKG/UKG admissions got closed.i have no idea about  otheer classes


GeethaKoppolu 2011-02-09 12:14:49


Hi Venkata garau,

Ok.. Can I know you kid's name.


venkata123 2011-02-09 16:18:37


For which class r u looking for?please talk to principal mom.she is very energetic


DDK 2011-02-09 16:20:01


Hi Venkat,

Could you please let me know the location of the new campus (miyapur), as i am planning to visit that campus and also let me know how much did you pay (DD) and for which class.




venkata123 2011-02-09 16:32:41


it comes after hyder nagar petrol bunk.there is a line between classic marbles and lamba marbles(well before miyapur cross roads if you are coming form jntu).just it is 50-100 mt from the main road in that line.the location is pollution free,very peaceful and  proximity to us.

      It is under construction.I met the workers who are doing the construction work.they were telling that it will be completed by june-july.i feel it will be completed if they speed up the work for next 3 months.


mrinmy 2011-02-10 10:57:56


Hi Mickey,

I had called DAV Miyapur and Kukatpalli on 8th Feb, they said the admissions are closed for 1std. Are there any chances by meeting the Princi?



mickey 2011-02-10 11:09:10


 Hi Mrinmy,  Is it so ? They told one of my friends too to fiind out after 15th Feb .

Yes, try meetig the Principal in person. No  Harm...



venkata123 2011-02-10 11:26:07



 it is better to meet miyapur branch principal mom.there is a little chance here rather than vivekananda nagar branch.Give request letter and tell the madam that you are ready to shift to miyapur,always there is preference who are nearer to campus


mrinmy 2011-02-10 11:42:09


Thnx Mickey and Venkat,

My husband will be meeting the princi ASAP. Any idea what will be their fees?




DDK 2011-02-10 15:42:14


Hi Venkat,

Thanks for the detailed information about the campus, i will be visting that place this saturday and also need to check out the status of my Kids admission.



GeethaKoppolu 2011-02-11 11:06:49


Hi Mrinmy,

 Donation 50K and annual fee15K.




mrinmy 2011-02-11 11:51:17


Hi all,

My husband has collected the form from MVM today. As said by Mickey there is an entrance test on 19th. The subjects will be English, Hindi/Telugu, Maths and EVS. Does anyone have any idea on what they will be asking in EVS? As per them it is on general topics .....but what?




venkata123 2011-02-14 16:50:04



 in DAV,Miyapur,the classes are upto 6 th .admissions for LKG,UKG and 1 st standard got closed.It seems there is some vacancay for other classes


MDKUMAR 2011-02-15 12:55:32



Even my two kids I joined them in UKG and 2nd grade.  But I haven't heard about the transportation how they are going to provide.  I am staying in Madinaguda.  


venkata123 2011-02-15 15:23:41


HI Kumar,

  for transporation,we need to submit a request letter with road map.then they will evaluate all the requests by this month end,they will inform us the availability/route etc.we stay near arjun cinema hall,kphb.


SaiKiranV 2011-02-25 19:15:31



Anybody, please let me know, whether the admissions in DAV Miyapur for class 3 are still open or closed.

Thanks & Regards,





raagavi 2011-02-26 18:46:39


Hi all,

This is raagavi. I was also seeking admission for my child.The office and school is in a temporary premise in vivekanandanagar colony. The office staff informed us that they will be shifting to the miyapur campus in April. I think they have few seats open in classes 3,4 ,5 and 6. You can call up 040-20045024to enquire about admissions.It is a nice discussion threda that you have started. well done



venkata123 2011-03-01 17:08:48



they are going to give admit card in this week.Probably will inform us about unforms/books/Bus facility etc.Any one called up.tomorrow i will call them and update the group


venkata123 2011-03-07 13:21:26



They started giving Admission cards.School will be opened on 20 th june. Bus transport will be covered upto Usha Mullapudi Line(Towards Kakatpalli side).We need to keep 5000/-as deposit(Refundable) regarding  Transport.It seems transport charges not yet decided.Fee is very resonable.Tution Fee--3000/-(4 quarters).Annual Fee--3000/-.If we opt for transport,we need pay deposit of 5000/- on 5 th april.Books/Uniforms also will be given on 5 th april.Will update the thread if anything new....


rahul123 2011-03-11 14:57:58


Hi Venkat,

Can you please share about the donation/one time admission fees @ DAV Miyapur.




psmilein 2011-03-16 17:13:46


 Dear all, can anyone help me out with what all was asked in written test for Class I in DAV Miyapur. I would be really thankful.


MDKUMAR 2011-03-17 14:22:56


Today called them to enquire about books and uniform.  books for UKG can be collected on April 5 th and for class 2nd on April 6th in Matursrinagar , miyapur campus.  It look like they started miyapur premises as they told.


psmilein 2011-03-17 17:58:54


 Dear all, can anyone help me out with what all was asked in written test for Class I in DAV Miyapur. I would be really thankful.


MDKUMAR 2011-03-18 11:29:13


they will provide the syllabus when you are taking the application.  Generally whatever they have in UKG.



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