Tell me some thing about slate the school, i have already taken the admission for my child as it is near by my house and also tell me about St puals high school in hyderaguda when compared to slate

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itsmyfamily 2011-02-01 16:39:34


Wanted select Slate the school

mickey 2011-02-01 21:18:06



St Pauls is definitely an old and established school compared to Slate. It is a very well known SSC school.  But recently this school was in news because of severe corporal punishment by one of its teachers and the pics were seen in facebook too. The teacher however has been suspended. But really don't know how the internal scenario is !!  

Be relaxed and be happy with your decision.  However, inculcate the habit of understanding the concepts in your child and make her/him write  her own answers in subjects like English , Social , Science and other languages too than learning by rote which is usually taught in SSC schools.  



itsmyfamily 2011-02-02 12:26:01


Hi i will tell you the actual situation , i heard 8 people telling good about slate out of 10 that is the reason i already took the admission in slate , meanwhile i got in St puals but i heard good about Little flower but most of them told that if you go for Little flower interview they will either give you in All saitnts or St puals.

Now i am in big confusion , becuase slate is atleast Uptil 5 th it is CBSC and after that it is SSC.THEN i will think about changing the school if required.Is it reall worth for St Pual  asking for Refund from Slate and taking an admission in St pual or should i continue with slate itself becuase as per the survey what i have done is apart from little flower and slate no other schools are good near by my house.

Its a big decision for me now , please help in deciding the perfect. I am worried , i dont have much time.Strenth wise Slate take maximum 35 students per Section and i heard it is little trendy and kids will be taken care and food facility also availble if wanted to take , Donation is 40000 , there is a waiting list .probably if i try i may give my duaghters seat to somebody and thke the money.if you seggust St pual is really good when compare to Slate.

Slate is a upcoming school.Can i also get some information about good points about slate as per discussions with other parents.I dont want to repent  later on that i have taken a bad decision for my kid then i cant excuse myself .I hope you understand my concern.I also heard with short period the govt will decide to teash only CBSC in all schools is it true. Is SSC really bad choice for the present generation.



itsmyfamily 2011-02-02 12:37:01


and also mam in your reply i dint understand what exactly you mean about ROTE  the word which you  have used


mickey 2011-02-02 13:38:53


 Hi Itsmyfamily,

Rote means learning by heart, memorizing . It can be done without understanding or after understanding.   You can call me mickey.

I think, you have done extensive R&D about Slate and if I go by  your inputs and survey, i definitely suggest you to go ahead with Slate. SSC is very good.  Only the std of Eng & Hindi  is a bit  less compared to CBSE and ICSE.  The class strength in Slate is also less which is an added advantage for you. I personally don't know any parent from Slate(Abids).

It is impossible to teach only CBSE curriculum in all State schools. It must be some rumour, i guess. I have not heard of any such govt notice or GO. Please keep your fears aside regarding SSC after 5th in Slate. It is competent enough . Maths is excellent in SSC and hence many IITians  are from AP !!

Please make your child do some extra reading for English after class 5. You can always take CBSE or ICSE Eng text books and teach your child.  That should not a problem at all.





BHRAMA 2011-02-04 17:10:28



My daughter is in Slate Ameerpet in 2nd class. She joined in LKG.

Positive aspects:

1. The school is good studies wise.

2. There are NO corporal punishments. Teachers are very caring about children. In case of any problem they notify the parents and cooperate with them in setting things right.

3. Correspondent is always available and responds quickly to any issue.

4. They Involve all children in all activities. No partiality towards bright students.

5. They do not encourage bribing the school staff like aayahs, drivers etc. What is surprising is even these people refuse to accept bribes even if you offer. Very pleasantly refreshing side I haven't seen else where.

6. They are very respectful to parents and are never rude unlike even the galli schools where I have seen parents are treated like pests.

Negative aspects:

1. Syllabus is SSC. I prefer CBSE because my son was in CBSE.

2. Do not have large play grounds. But they take the kids to MCH playgrounds to play.

3. They do have activities but that's just for creative time, kids may not excel in those arts/games.

I tried to move her to some CBSE school but we could not get seat anywhere because of very few vacancies in the higher classes.

If you are looking for SSC school, this is good. You may look outside if you are looking for different curriculum.

I will be glad to answer any other question you may have.

Good Luck. Regards.




itsmyfamily 2011-02-05 13:17:11



Hi Brahma  and Mickey, Thank you for the timely suggestion,  I want to continue the conversation with Brahma, hi , its glad to  know about someone who is already equipped with lot of information about Slate.   Any how my first question is - they are saying it is a combination of CBSC and ICSC or SSC till 5th how far it is true, I dint understand.As it is a new concept which I dint not find in any school.   My second question is : Why did you opt CBSC for your son and SSC for you daughter. I think this generation completely prefers CBSC. I was actually confused with the syllabus and got captured by Slate by survey, out of 10 people 8 people told me it’s a good school. My daughter also got admission In Vasavi public school – CBSC, before taking the admission in Slate and after taking the admission in Slate in St Paul’s. I intentionally   did not go for Vasavi as I was not having any feedback about that school and was confused.   Did I do a mistake by not going for Vasavi or is it still worth applying for refund from SLATE and opting for St Paul’s. – they HAVE given me time till 11 feb Initially I was not knowing whether I am looking for a good school or good syllabus .I am a big confused lady. In this confusion I took a step towards SLATE and paid the fees. Assuming that it is a  combination of CBSC + ICSC , so if I really require I can change her in 4 th or 5th into CBSC .basic thing Is not only school or syllabus I am also looking towards developing the child in terms of English Communication Skills – “ will Slate give the best to the child by developing English communication skills”   My final question is if I have to change my child from SLATE after 4th or 5th will she be recognized as CBSC student  or SSC.   Incase it is only SSC uptil 5th can I still change her to CBSC AFTER THAT .Is SSC  really not recognized with the present generation. I am feeling nervous thinking that I have done a mistake that I dint opt for Pure CBSC. AS MY child is very much interested in terms of developing her English speaking skills and she is also very sharp in catching the things in very first attempt. I feel that  my child is capable to cope up with cbsc or icse even. In future she might become slow when compare to the present competitive levels as iam  taking a decision for her as a SSC student and that too  with medium ranking school like SLATE.  Am I really getting too concern about it ,after taking the decision with SLATE can I do anything now.   Somehow I am not satisfied with my decision. Please help me in getting out of this dilemma. Thanks                            

msl 2011-02-09 17:30:42


I guess it is completely wrong to underestimate the SSC board, compared to CBSE the science and maths standards are good. ICSE only gives more of english literature, you can opt for this if u want to make your kids writers or poets :-).....otherwise the normal spoken english can be picked up by the kids in any school or else make them join spl summer spoken english class after class V and that solves the problem

you dont hv to break your head that SSC is bad. to tell you frankly till Xth class all schools are same it is only how we allow the child to handle things is important, in the sense that you make the kid study 24hrs without allowing him to play or participate in other activities or do you involve him in all the activities. i guess kids should be given opportunity for personality development till class X and then they are self equipped to choose their career streams.

btw, even i hv purposefully selected Slate Abids for my kid, I am from CBSE syllabus and feel that it is just of no use in AP. AP SSC has the best syllabus in the entire country so the reason you see our kids topping all the competitive exams.




mickey 2011-02-09 17:43:18


 Very well said Msl....
 Itsmyfamily ,  I think you got ur answer.. pl don't worry unnecessarily. The certificate will be from SSC board if the school is following ssc from class 6 to 10. The students of Little Flower School, St Pauls, Rosary convent speak good English and have good writing skills too (in English). All these schools follow SSC right from LKG.





BHRAMA 2011-02-10 12:35:13


Dear Itsmyfamily,

Sorry for respondong late. Please do not worry so much.

First of all, I misquoted last time. My daughter is now in Ist class and not 2nd as mentioned above.

Coming back to our topic, as Msl has said, SSC is not bad. Academically it is very good. I was opting for CBSE only because the question papers in higher classes are more analytical than direct questions and hence the children will have to develop logic than memory. That is the only thing. But there are other +s with SSC like Math is very good compared to CBSE.

We were also told at Slate that until 5th it is CBSE curriculum they follow and after that they follow SSC board because they are recognised by SSC. So if choose to move your child to a CBSE school after her 5th, that is fine. English speaking is okay at Slate. I do not see it worse than english speaking at Geetanjali or Chinmaya or even at BVB. May be a little less compared to International Schools. But that's not a big issue. A persons language depends purely on his reading habits and not on anything else. One of the parents may initially speak English with the child at home.

There is a big age gap between my son and my daughter. He finished his 10th last year from Oakridge CBSE. We did not want to send our daughter to Oakridge because its too far from our place for a small girl + we did not see a big advantage joining him in an international school. I decided not to worry too much about my child too. Let me see until her 5th and then decide. These International schools will take children any day. So if I am very keen on CBSE I will change her after 5th. Right now this is ok. For activities I am planning to take her out for different classes myself.

Let me know should you have any more questions. Please do not worry too much. Thanks. Regards.



itsmyfamily 2011-02-15 15:45:52



    Thanks for your suggestions and having lot of concern, i definitely appreciate you both giving me some awareness. So I can assume that the school which I selecting can be rated as one among the best schools.(THE SLATE ) I have one personal question. What is a women role basically if she has a choice to choose career and children can she compromise. My basic understanding is I am not concentrating on my children because of my career. If given a chance to me , if there is a situation that I don’t need my career as my children need me at this stage , can I give up my career.  psychologically I feel that , I have status in my circle because of me being a  working women and earning and if I leave the job I may  be treated low and respect would not be there in my circle. My husband doesn’t want me to work and doesn’t understand what will be my status with my in laws. He wants me to take care the family , he thinks that my career is effecting the children all the ways – their studies , food preparation , raising them, participating with them in all the aspects. Please suggest , my first daughter is 12 yrs old and my second daughter is 5 yrs old , both my kids need my attention. But unfortunately MY WORRY IS  though I leave my job and sit at home how will it  impact on my children??  Morning to evening they are busy with school, tuitions and h.w. I can attend them only in the morning and evenings.(However I   am doing the same thing even when I am working ) I am not habituated to the household activity, and I am not confident that I can   play a complete role as mother. Max to max I can attend their meetings , take them for outing , play with them monitoring them over all but I may not give them 100 % because if I am at home apart from my kids activities I am also interested in crafts , watching movies , listening music and interiors. Is it really worth me leaving my job and staying at home if I am nt able to give my children 100% . Please suggest, your suggestion may help me in future. Thanks ,

BHRAMA 2011-02-16 15:40:44


What u r asking is a highly debatable and personal question. No one can give you THE RIGHT ANSWER because there isn't any. It totally depends on a person's choice, priorities and circumstances.

Having said that, You could try taking a small break (completely believing and treating that as retirement ) and see how it works for you.

All that matters is whether you are happy with your choices. Do only what gives YOU happiness. Only if you are happy that you can spread happiness around you. So finally its a win win situation for all around you.

Good Luck.


itsmyfamily 2011-02-17 17:24:03


yes i know that it is tricky question , but  please bE in my shoe and try to answer generally where the women role MORE required in her life  .




archanamittal 2018-04-03 17:39:57


Hi ,
I came to know about the two methods in Slate school. Normal and Apple method for each class. What is the difference and which is better. I am planning to admit my son in 8th standard, Please let me know asap....

Thank you


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