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umavijay 2011-01-30 10:10:47


hi parents,

can you please tell me about  the Johnson Grammar school ICSE (habsiguda). Is it a good school?



AKC 2011-01-30 22:50:01


Johnson Habsiguda is one of the best icse good school in Hyderabad but very difficult to get admissions for higher classes.

Thanks ....




umavijay 2011-01-31 01:53:35


Thank you kalyan, But when will they start the addmission process? if you have more information about the school please inform me.

thanking you



AKC 2011-02-01 23:10:46


For admissions into Nursery and LKG, admissions are over in Dec., For higher classes you can approach the school immdly as they sessions for new academic year starts from April.

Thanks.... Kalyan



umavijay 2011-02-02 00:58:58


Tthank you once again, we are looking for addmissions for 8th std (two kids , both are twins). Do they give IIT coaching?

i need one more suggestion , till now they are studying CBSE syllabus. Is it a good decision to put them in ICSE  school? which syllabus is better for IIT?

thanking you

please reply



mickey 2011-02-02 06:54:28


 Hi Uma,

Transition to ICSE in grade 8 would be a bit difficult though not impossible. It is better to prefer a CBSE school.  A few schools like Narayana -e techno , Narayana Olympiad , Sri Chaitanya Techno give IIT foundation course right from class 6 to 10 which includes SSC,CBSE and ICSE. The Class X certificate is from State board. In any State school till X, Telugu is compulsory. You can opt for these institutes/corporate colleges after 10th as children have an option to choose sanskrit as second language. Institutes like FIITJEE offer French too in inter 1 &2 ie. XI and XII.  

You can join your kids in a good coaching institute along with CBSE school if u r really interested to give them strong foundation for IIT. There are institutes like Page, Time , FIITJEE weekend or regular  batches. You can work it out after the selection of the school if your kids are able to cope up.



umavijay 2011-02-02 16:21:36


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a lot for the information. For 11th and 12th we too are planning to put them in colleges like narayana, FIITJEE, Sri Chaitanya. But for getting IIT, till 10th which syllabus is preferable CBSE or ICSE? My kids have very good academic records.

Please reply

Thanks... and regards



PrasadM 2011-02-02 18:47:59


Hi Mickey,

Your reviews are really good. Can you please help me to take a decision to join my kid in LKG.

We got admission for my kid in DAV Public school, Miyapur and Silver oaks school, Miyapur for LKG and waiting for DPS, Gachibowli result. We are expecting positive result from DPS.
Now we are in dilama to decide which is best school to take the admission amoung these 3 schools.

Pease share your experience with these schools

Thanks, Prasad



mickey 2011-02-02 18:48:31


 Hi Uma,

You could prefer any of the two. But if kids are in CBSE, better to continue with CBSE till 10th.

ICSE or CBSE, let your kids solve SSC maths textbook fully right from class 7. Engage a tutor if required only for Maths if kids are not able to understand and solve on their own. It is going to help them in the long run.

SSC lays a strong foundation in Maths. SSC maths is excellent  and very useful for IIT-JEE /AIEEE/BITSAT and most of  the concepts esp in Maths or any coaching centre are from SSC or Inter maths.



mickey 2011-02-02 18:55:54


 Hi Prasad,

If budget is not a constraint, opt for DPS , Gachibowli.

Silver oaks is  established as compared to DAV, Miyapur. Silver Oaks also follows IB, PYP programme along with CBSE.  I think Silver oaks 's fee is on the higher
side . So think it over. Prefer DAV, Silveroaks depending upon its vicinity to ur place.

Check out the communication skills of Silveroak  students too before taking any decision about this school. A few parents have expressed concern over this aspect.





umavijay 2011-02-02 19:19:14


Hi Mickey,

Thank you for your valuable information. I will follow as you  have said about SSC  maths.

As the CBSE curriculum changed there are no tests and my kids are not studying like before.

Geetanjali, begumpet [ icse ] , jhonson grammar schoo, hubsiguda [ icse ] - which one is good in academics. We are looking for a study oriented school.

In cbse which school is study oriented? Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan , Jubilee hills public school , Obul Reddy school , Delhi public school or any other schools you know.

please reply........ thanking you

regards uma


mickey 2011-02-02 19:21:57


 Hi Uma,

All CBSE schools will be following CCE  so almost all are the same in terms of academics.  BVB,#71 is the best among the options given by you. 

Gitanjali, Begumpet (ICSE) and  Johnsons Grammar  are equally  good in academics. You could prefer any of  the two.





umavijay 2011-02-02 19:53:21


Hi mickey,

thank you soooo...............much for your reply.

thanking you




PrasadM 2011-02-02 20:14:18


Thanks Mickey.


umavijay 2011-03-05 18:30:33


Hi Mickey,

We got admission in Johnson Grammar School (ICSE) but as you said we are rethinking about changing stream from CBSE to ICSE at this stage.

We are now looking out for options and thinking of DPS schools. Which DPS school you recommend - Nacharam or Secunderabad?

Which one is better from academics point of view, teachers efficiency and academic results etc?

Please suggest.




mickey 2011-03-06 09:32:53


 Hi Uma,

Both are equally good. Prefer the one which is close to your place. 



umavijay 2011-03-06 14:00:24


 Thank you ....Mickey




prgya 2011-12-12 19:37:18


i am new to parentree.........i have adaughter 3yrs............studying in nuressery...smartkidz........i want to change her school....near to bachupally...........any one can give me information about geetanjali iit olympiad school............




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