How is sreenidhi international school?

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streetboys 2011-01-27 23:04:46


I am planning to join my son in Sreenidhi, but before I make the decision I want to know how is the school and reviews from parents whose kids are studying in that school. Right now my son is stuyding in Meridain, as we are moving near to APPA junction, we are planning to shift him to this school. I heard that this school is good only for kids who has returned from US and again planning to go back to US. How is this school for the kids who stay in India only. I appreciate any reviews.

msuhasini 2012-12-24 20:37:57


Even I also have the same question.  I have 2 boys of 10 years and 6 years old who will be going to 5th and 1st for the coming school year.  Early response is appreciated.  Thank you .



mickey 2012-12-26 12:10:01


 Hi Streetboys and Suhasini, Though my kids aren't in this school, I hv friends who hv their kids here. One of my doc friends shifted her kids from Sentia to Sreenidhi two yrs back and is quite happy n satisfied.

You could prefer this school even if u plan to stay in India.

 There hv been good reviews of this school from Sreenidhi Parents in this forum too.

It is good in academics as well as extra curricular activities with stress free envt.

However all this comes with an expensive tag.. :)





Emro 2012-12-27 16:31:34


 Hey Mickey! Do you have information regarding IB in Sreenidhi? I'm planning to send my daughter there for her 11th and 12th. I want to know about the fee structure and how it is different from other schools that offer IB. She's currently studying in CBSE, so would it be very difficult for her to cope up with the new syllabus? Will IB help her pursue Fashion Designing? 


mickey 2012-12-27 19:15:52


 Hi Emro,

You could check out its website for fee structure. IB is expensive. 
I hv no idea about IB in Sreenidhi as such. Shifting to IB after CBSE is not that difficult. 
It is more application oriented and requires lot of analytical skills. She will definitely have an edge over others if you are planning to send her for  undergraduate programs abroad.

You will have to find out the subjects offered by the school in IB Diploma. In ICSE/ISC, we do hv Fashion designing elective which will help the students to pursue their career in that field if interested. 



Jiamani 2012-12-28 18:34:43


 Even we are shifting to APPA Junction. So I took info on schools like Sreenidhi International, DPS and Glendale. But it came out that Sreenidhi is toooooooo expensive. One has to shell out lakhs of rupees every year. Now that too much.

So we were left with two options that is DPS and Glendale. The reputation of DPS is much better than Glendale. And also Glendale make you shell out money unnecessarily. 

But we have just one issue with DPS which is transport. My daughter will be in UKG next year and there is no transport facilty for them to PBEL city in APPA Junction. Trying for private transport.


msuhasini 2012-12-28 19:14:01



Thank you for your response.  Its greatly appreciated.  When Sreenidhi is compared to Oakridge, It did not sound very expensive.  Don't you think both the schools have more or less similar fee structure.  Sreenidhi's one time fee is about 75K for each kid.  Which will come to 150K for both of my kids.  In Oakridge, their one time fee is 175K for 1st kid + 85K for 2nd one (way expensive).   Please help me if I'm missing anything in comparing these two fee structures. 

Thanks again.



mickey 2012-12-28 19:47:34


 Hi Suhasini, 

I am not aware of exact fee structures of these schools.

The figures are too high for Oakridge! You can clarify with in counsellors of Sreenidhi and Oakridge if you are having any doubts.

 You could always ask for concession for one time fee,

if you are admitting both your children in the same school.

My friend paid 50% for her second child in Sreenidhi. That was 2 yrs back.

You can always ask for it.




Emro 2012-12-28 20:36:07


Thank you so much, Mickey!

I can spare upto 4 lakhs, but only when it's proved to be worthy. Do you have any idea on IB in Aga Khan academy and Chirec? 
Also, could you tell me more about schools that offer ICSE and ISC in Hyderabad? 
Btw, I am ready to send her abroad for her higher studies if she can manage to get into a good university with good will ICSE and ISC be valued evenly across the globe? 

Thanks in advance! 


mickey 2012-12-30 00:39:28


 Hi Emro,

You could try Nasr-Girls (ISC,Khairtabad). The school  offers FD as an Elective in classes 9 &10 too. The school is very good for girls. It would be easy on pocket when compared to other schools. Chirec too offers FD. 
You could enquire about IB in Johnsons Grammar School, Habsiguda and DRS International in Kompally. 
Aga Khan Academy is very new. I have no idea. I think, it's better to go for schools in which class 12 batches have passed out.
The Indian School Certificate (Class XII) is recognised by UK universities and other overseas Universities. You could check  its website and get all the details.

Your daughter could also take coaching for NIFT entrance while doing her 11th and 12th. One of my friends is sending her daughter to Tashashila Coaching centre in Gurumurthy lane, Begumpet. You could call up the interested schools and check out various options.



0305 2019-03-10 23:24:31


Hello ... I'm looking to enroll my son for IBDP in sreenidhi international school. Can anyone please guide me how the school is? Thanks

0305 2019-03-11 10:06:36


Hello ... I'm looking to enroll my son for IBDP in sreenidhi international school. Can anyone please guide me how the school is? Thanks

ragk 2019-12-16 08:24:08


Hello parents,
   Could you please share your research experience, I am thinking to join my kids(8th,3rd) in Sreenidhi. Have any of you joined your kids in this school? What are your thoughts on it,please share.
Thank you


Ashu2021 2019-12-16 11:19:47


any idea about the fee structure in Sreenidhi , i heard its too high.

ragk 2019-12-17 01:14:17


yes Ashi with transportation its almost 5,20lakhs for 8th gr.


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