Request feed back on these schools.. Nasr girls, chinmaya school,Sloka and vidhyaranya.

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sunshine 2011-01-25 12:59:16



i am looking for a CBSE/ICSE school for my daughter in hyderabad. She will be moving to 4th grade.She is currently in an ICSE school.I have Listed out these schools for seeking admission .

1.Nasr School for girls.

2.chinmaya vidyalaya

3.sloka school


5.chaitanya vidhyalaya.

 request information regarding these schools... admission procedure, school culture ,activities etc. We are currently in bangalore and will be moving there shortly.

Thank you.



 Former member 2011-02-03 18:02:48


 Hi Arthi,

Welcome to Hyderabad.

Nasr school follows ICSE syllabus.It's really very good.The students have many options for activities like dance,painting,music,guitar,craft etc.The studies are good.From class 9 they have options for group 2 and,Environmental Science,Home Science,Fashion Designing,Art,Computers.The student can opt out Maths and Science in class 9 and 10 if she is not interested.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya,Begumpet follows CBSC. The school is good.It is a co-ed school.

Sloka follows International syllabus.Their way of teaching is entirely different.They don't conduct routine exams like other schools.They teach through activities.

No idea about the other schools.

Good Luck.Hope you will enjoy your stay in Hyderabad !!!  


mickey 2011-02-03 20:58:16


 Hi Sunshine,

I agree with Momofteens. Nasr-Girls is very good.  In fact it is the best school for girls but quite difficult to get into grade 4 as it purely depends on vacancy. You could try to meet the Principal , Mrs. Madhubala Kapoor   in person and find out. 

Chinmaya follows CBSE and Sloka follows Waldorf system with CBSE.

Vidyaranya and Chaitanya Vidyalaya are very good Co-ed ICSE schools and follow the unique concept of no-uniform.

Admission into any of these schools will depend on vacancy followed by entrance test which you will have to enquire in the month of March. It is better to keep a track from end of feb.

The chances of getting into Sloka are very bright. But the school will be quite far if u opt to stay in the city. After studying in an ICSE school, your daughter may not like Sloka. It is better to attend an orientation of Waldorf System to get to know this school. 






 Former member 2011-02-03 22:09:37


 Hi Arthi,

As your daughter is already from an ICSE school and as she is coming here on transfer,admission in NASR will be easier.(provided there is vacancy)

I have seen kids studying in Sloka in class 4,5.........shifting to CBSE due to the distance.........and they are struggling really hard to cope up with the syllabus and exam pattern.If you opt for Shloka...............better continue there till class 10.


sunshine 2011-02-04 17:18:00


Thank you very much  ( both of you :)) for your inputs.This gives me a better perpective on the options i have in hand. I spoke to the schools vidhya ranya and chinmaya and they have asked me to call them in the month of april and june respectively .No vacsancies right will have to wait until then . Havent called Nasr ...will do that .

Thank you once again  to you both :)





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