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lovlyfella 2011-01-20 09:58:43



I have been following this forum closely for a month now.  Really useful.

Can someone help me with any good CBSE schools in and around DSNR.  I am wishing to join my wards in Class 3 and 6 this year.  Currently, they are in SSC syllabus.

Also, any feedback on Rishi Public School, Bashirbagh is highly appreciated.


Thanks a ton

ksharma 2011-01-20 12:28:36


There is a CBSE school, "Panineeya Mahavidyalay Public School" in Vivekanand Nagar near DSNR.


lovlyfella 2011-01-21 08:08:27


Thanks Sharma.  I stay very close to Panineeya and dont think it would be a good school to join the kid.  It was good previously.


mickey 2011-01-22 17:34:31


 Hi lovlyfella,

You will find Springdales  in Dsnr.  You can also find Oakwood International near Kothapet, very near to Dsnr and Zee School which is in Hayatnagar. All are CBSE schools. 

Apart from these, you could try in Kendriya Vidyalaya 1 or 2 in Uppal, GIIS in Uppal or HPS Ramanthapur (CBSE). You will also find Little Flower School in Uppal. I think the one in Uppal is affiliated to CBSE.

Rishi Public School in Basheerbagh is also good.  It doesn't have a big playground.

I have the fees of RPS which was given to me by one of the parents  last year.  The school must have increased it this year.

Admission fee (till class 5) - Rs.15000

(class 6 - 10) - Rs.20000

Term fee (class 1-10) - Rs.7500 X 3 terms

Transport (optional) - Rs.3300 X 3 terms






lovlyfella 2011-01-23 08:27:32



Thanks a ton.  Comprehensive info.  Oakwood was one option I was considering.  However, their brochure of last year had so many grammatical mistakes, I was scared whether that is the quality of education to expect from the school. 

Will try Springdales.  I am also pursuing KV and HPS.  KV's and HPS admissions start only in March apparently.  KV does not have bus facility which is kind of a dampener.


mickey 2011-01-23 09:06:46


 Hi lovlyfella,

I can understand your concern about Oakwood. I don't know any parent from this school so  I don't have any idea as such.  For classes 3 & 6, it is better to opt for some established schools like KVs or HPS. Have a look at Springdales and its results too. I think it is a new school. However, i got a good feedback from  a parent sometime back whose kids were studying here.

There is SR Digi School in Vanashatlipuram and Dsnr too . The school is educomp enabled. I met one parent recently whose daughters are in class 2 and class 8 in this school in Vanasthalipuram. She shifted her daughters from a SSC school to this school. It is affiliated to CBSE. This brand /chain of schools is very well known in cities like Warangal in AP. You can have a look at this . The fees is  very economical considering the facilities they are providing and the communication skills are good too. So have a look at this school too.

I don't know about the Dsnr branch. The lady whom I know is from Vanasthalipuram and has given a good feedback.



For KVs' transport , u can talk to some private school autos or vans. You can find them in the working hours of school and talk to them.


kitkat 2011-02-28 15:38:22



 I suggest to opt for a ssc syllabus  school .Sanskriti the school is the best school which  we expect from a CBSE pattern education.As a parent i am very happy the way they are implementing the new trends and good atmosphere for kids. 



kitkat 2011-02-28 15:45:09



You can take the information about Sanskriti The School.

contact  040-24040192



lovlyfella 2011-02-28 16:50:23


thanks Kitkat / Mickey/Sharma.  We have finally joined the kid in Johnson School at LB Nagar.  This is a sister concern of Johnson Habsiguda.  Got good review from a friend who has a kid studying there.  Hoping and praying that the decision is right :-).


kitkat 2011-02-28 17:20:07


Hi lovlyfella,

Even I hope your decision will give the best to your child.


saritha25 2011-03-08 14:50:07


hi mickey,

i read ur review about sr digital school i want more info about it is it upto the mark for my kids one in lkg and other in 5 class.



mickey 2011-03-08 20:07:17


 Hi Saritha, The one in Vanasthalipuram is good.  Not sure about other branches.





saritha25 2011-03-18 12:23:21


thanks mickey for the reply

I found that it is SSC board

anyway any input about zee and johnson school


mickey 2011-03-18 12:53:01


 Hi Saritha, Zee seems to be a new school. You can prefer Johnsons. The LB nagar school is also good. But it follows ICSE, i think.. 



lovlyfella 2011-03-19 18:42:56


Hi Saritha,

Johnson is a good school is what I heard from friends who have their wards there.  I shifted my daughter from Lotus Lap to Johnson this year.  Not sure whether they are still taking admissions.


lovlyfella 2011-03-19 18:43:46


Johnson follows ICSE


saritha25 2011-03-28 21:49:11


thanks mickey got the information from u really helped me



gigg7 2014-11-27 18:08:37


Hi Lovlyfella,

I just happened to go through this post, can you let us know the selection procedure for Johnson Grammar, as we want to join my daughter in the school.
Thank a lot.


lovlyfella 2015-12-20 16:40:39


Back to the same old problem.  Johnson was a good school.  However, for Class 8 upwards, they do not have the space in LBNagar and they are asking the kids go to Nacharam.  We do not want to send our child travel so much.  So back to searching for schools.  Any suggestions on good CBSE or ICSE schools near Dilsukhnagar, LB Nagar?  Ruled out options are FITJEE and Springdales.  Looking forward to your suggestions.

prabhavmom 2016-02-16 11:46:39


hi lovlyfella,
my son got admission into class2 in johnson grammer school lbnagar. on the day of taking admission v asked the concerned person regarding higher classes. she said in future after 2 to 3 years this Lbnagar branch will have only upto 5th class. rest from 6th to 10 they will shift to the new building which is being constructed in kuntloor 12km from chaitanyapuri. please do let me know your opinion about the school. how is the teaching faculty?Thanks in advance

prabhavmom 2016-02-25 15:18:18


hi lovelyfella,
what did u decide regarding the school? what about pulla reddy memorial school,CBSE in dilsukhnagar. heard the school is good


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