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ravikanth1306 2011-01-19 22:38:09


Hi Parents,

I am planning to get my child admitted into Delhi Public School (DPS), Diamond Point in Secunderabad in Nursery. Before that I thought of seeking your feedback on the DPS Education and overall child development in DPS. Please spare few minutes for answering my following queries :

1) Is it an approachable institution for the middle class parents. In other words what would be the % hike in fees and donation year after year.

2) Will this % hike is likely to be stable post the verdict from High Court

3) Will the school environment have an adverse impact on the student personal behaviour in respect of the status mainenance and hi-fi ness to be on par with the co-students.

4) How would be the overall development of the student (be it intellectual, personal, etc)

5) Can it be compared with the other CBSE based schools in Secunderabad (Example Pallavi Model School, St. Andrews, etc.)

Your valuable feedback, suggestions and guidance would help us make an appropriate decision with regard to joining my child in DPS, Secunderabad.

mickey 2011-01-20 09:54:54


 Hi Ravikanth,

DPS Diamond Point is a good school. The fees is low compared to DPS, Madhapur.

I think, the increase is 10 % every year, but I am not sure. DPS has been in limelight for increasing its fee drastically two years back. There was a protest from parents too on this issue after which the matter was settled. 

I don't think , you will have any such problems with DPS, Diamond Point as it also depends on parents  upbringing.

You will surely  find allround development in the child in DPS.

I think, it stands better when compared to Pallavi Model School.  St Andrews is a very old and established SSC school. But now is has CBSE too.   St Andrews is equally good and easy on pocket too. But u need to check out the class strength now.





ravikanth1306 2011-01-20 21:32:40


Dear Mickey

Thank you for your reply.  I would request this forum to educate me on the extent of impact the DPS school would make on the behavioural aspect (wanting and demanding nature) of the kid.






mickey 2011-01-20 21:45:10


 Hi Ravi,

I know  my neighbour's children who go to DPS , Madhapur. Out of two, one is very demanding and commanding. I think, it is the basic  nature of the child bcoz the other two are quite well behaved.  Yes, u will surely find children from affluent families who spend lavishly on children without giving second thoughts in order to provide them all comforts which in turn makes more demanding at times.

May be u could visit the school personally and talk to the parents. I think that would help you to take a proper decision.




ravikanth1306 2011-01-21 09:12:34


Dear Mickey,

My queries are about DPS, Diamond Point Secunderabad and not DPS Madhapur. I shall however take the opinion of the parents before I join my kid. Thanks for your valuation suggestions.






mickey 2011-01-21 09:41:34


 Hi Ravi,

I was talking about DPS in general. Hence , I wrote about DPS, Madhapur.
However, one of my friend's daughter had studied in DPS, Daimond Point   for 3 yrs before moving to Delhi.  Her child was very well behaved. She has done her Pre-primary from this school.

You could await other parents' response too.

All the Best.....




blaydersmom 2011-01-25 13:34:00


The school for some reason does not want to move to a better premesis. The class rooms need more ventilation especially as the strength in each class is 35+. The initial promise was a limit of 20-25. Academically they are doing well but most parents this year have felt that the school has hurried with the portions and the curriculum. This especially for primary graders is uncalled for. Just a few competitions and one or two outings is not enough for a growing child's mind...especially when it comes from a school like DPS. I don't think only 2 Parent Teacher Meetings in a year is going to help either the kid or the teacher or the parent in any way. Any other meeting has to be on appointment. The teachers don't have much of a say as the co-ordinators seem to be the decision makers, and talking to the co-ordinators appears a futile attempt as they project an "i know everything" attitude.

The saving grace and the reason why this school is still sought after is its principal Mrs.Shailaja Gopinath. Her experience and the warmth she shows is very promising and parents hope that this clarity in thought will filter down to her team.



vaishu2 2011-02-28 10:47:34


 Hi Mr Ravikanth,


My two kids go to DPS, Diamond Point. Here are my answers:


1. In my view, it is not for middle class parents (knowing that I pay around 60K for each of them every year for everything except transportation. Transportation would add another 15K). This year, I'm hearing that there would be more hike in the fees (news is that there would be 50% hike and I know some parents met up to discuss this issue).

2. I'm not sure about this as shcool mgmts have taken a stay on High Court verdict.

3. I don't see any hi-finess in the school environment. As it is in Secunderabad, it reflects Secunderabad's culture which is kind of mixed. As Mickey mentioned, it depends on parents' upbringing too.

4. Overall development is good. Due importance is given to extra-curriculars.

5. I'm not sure about this. My neighbor has joined his one kid in St Andrews and another is DPS. He always says Andrews is much better but he is continuing with DPS and never tried to put the kid in Andrews. In general I heard good reviews about Pallavi & Andrews but am not good at comparison. But if you think about value for money, these two schools have more value for money as you pay less in schools. DPS building is not that good, no proper ventilation for some class rooms in the ground floors. That way it just looks like any other normal school. But, the philosophy is good, teachers (most of them) are good. We never felt 2 meetings are not sufficient. You can not go and talk to the teachers on a daily basis as most of the parents would like to do, but if you see any issue, you can always take an appointment with the respective teacher and discuss. I don't see any problem with this model.

Again, I strongly recommend you to visit the schools and talk to at least a couple of parents before you decide on anything. It gives you more confidence as you going to put your little ones there.


momofdittu 2013-07-25 17:20:51



Mrs.Vaishu,have they increased the fee in 2012.How much are you paying for each kid know? and in which grade are they?I want to join my kid in nursery in 2014.are your kids able to speak good english(Does they care to make the kids to speak in good English)?Are the academics very hectic?Do they have extra circullar acti?if so what?do they have a playground?I am sorry for the lenghthy message but want to be sure.Thanks in advance


priya18 2014-12-01 23:51:56


Hiii mikey i wanna take admission for my daughter is dps diamond piint a better school.or meridian.plz suggest me

priya18 2014-12-02 13:03:59


Hiiii mikey


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