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SumiRoy 2011-01-17 18:33:35


 Hi , I would be shifting very soon from Kolkata to Hyd Miyapur and would like to admit my daughter in one of the good schools near Miyapur area. Please advise which are the good schools near about Miyapur.

She is currently studying in ICSE board in UKG and this year (2011-2012) she will be in class 1.

I have shortlisted the following schools in the mentioned order:

1. DAV

2. Silver Oaks

3. MVM or BVB.

Any feedback on the above mentioned schools will be very helpful.

Vikas Concept was also in my list but found that it is not listed in the CBSE's website ( So I am a bit worried.

I would prefer to put my daughter in an ICSE board school as the teaching style and syllabus won't change with this shift but not aware if there are  good or any ICSE school near Miyapur or Hitech city area.

Also it will be very helpful if I get a feedback on any of these schools regarding language learnt. My daughter cannot take up Telegu as it is very difficult to pickup Telegu for her at this stage ( Telegu is not her mother tongue).

Thanking in advance for early responses.

Best regards,




SumiRoy 2011-01-18 11:08:46


 Hi , I am still awaiting some response on my above mentioned queries. Please help !!


Shamu28 2011-01-18 14:54:08


Hi Sumi,

I live in Miyapur area(we have shifted recently). You can consider Kennedy High the Global school. My friends kids study in that school and I got good feedback on that school. I visited the school and it has good campus. Even I'm looking for good schools for my kids and this school is in my list.



SumiRoy 2011-01-18 16:01:04


 Thanks Shamu for your feedback on Kennedy High. Any other schools you would suggest other than Kennedy High?


Shamu28 2011-01-20 15:46:28


I have visited Manthan @ Madhapur which i felt is good. I will be visiting Meridian this Saturday. Will give you info if you need anything after my visit at Meridian.


mickey 2011-01-20 16:20:45


 Hi Sumi,

All the three schools which you have  mentioned are CBSE schools and good too. DAV is giving the forms from 24th Jan to 26th Jan '11 between 9 am to 12 noon. You can send any of your friends or relatives to collect the form. Pl read the admission notice posted by Virad in the below thread.

There are not many ICSE schools near Miyapur. Howeever you can find St.Martins in Balanagar which follows ICSE and Futurekids in Nanakramguda. 

Vikas concept has both SSC as well as CBSE affiliation.

AS told by Shamu, you could prefer Manthan Intl at Madhapur  too. There are good reviews about this school.  You can use parentree search engine to look for its reviews. It's fees was posted by one of the parents in this forum today.


Admission fee:25000

Security deposit:25000

Tution fee:65000

Transport+food fee




padmav 2011-01-21 11:58:58


Hi Sumi,

DAV Kukatpally has started registrations from Jan 20, 2011. They will accept till Jan 31, 2011 between 10am - 1pm. I know they have opened registrations for Pre-primary not sure about primary section. Pls call up 040-23065024 to enquire about admissions to 1st std. You may need to carry proofs of Date of Birth and residence.

FYI, DAV has another branch at Matrusri Nagar, Miyapur. Currently, the school is running in some temporary building near DAV Kukatpally. They would be shifting to Miyapur for the next academic year. I think they have closed registrations for DAV Miyapur. Pls call up 040-20045024 to get further details.



padmav 2011-01-21 12:03:23


DAV is following a different procedure. They first accept registrations after verifying proofs(that are required by them). They call you up some day to come and fill application form after paying Rs.300/-. Then they call you up again to come and attend the admission test(Observation for LKG and written test for UKG) on some day, after which I think the process would be declaration of results and payment of fees.



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