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Hanu 2011-01-15 21:59:47


 I have twin boys of age 4+ years. Last year they couldn't get admission in a big school due to some  personal reasons. Currently, they are studying in Bachpan - Banjara hills branch. I intend to shift them to some big school this year. But most of the schools aren't giving admission in UKG. Admissions are only on request basis. 

    I want to know should i shift them this year or to wait for another year and then try admision in 1st class.Do you hav any idea which good schools are open for admission in UKG in adittion to DPS. MY budget is around  Rs.40k-50k yearly per kid.

I'm staying in srinagar colony road area. I want a school which is good in acedamics and also extra activities, How about Chaitanya tecno school?Right now I'm quite confused regarding  selection of school for my kids. Please guide me .



mickey 2011-01-15 23:46:47


Hi Hanu,

If you able to get admission in UKG (i.e Prep  in DPS), i think u can go ahead. But the fees is more than 50K.

I think , it is better to  try for class 1. But keep your trials on  for UKG too. If  there is any vacancy, the chances are bright to get your kid admitted in UKG.

It is better not to prefer techno schools for Pre-primary (i.e LKG or UKG). You can prefer these schools after class 5 if you want your child to have strong foundation in Maths and Science.

If you are talking about the techno school in SR Nagar or Sri Nagar Colony, then you will have to think twice. One of the parents is regretting after joining his daughter here. I think it is known as Star Kids.  So please talk to the parents personally before u decide about this school.





Hanu 2011-01-16 11:30:14


Hi Mickey,

 Thanks for your info.I'm following this sight since a year and I'm really impressed the way you help confused parents.One more thing i want to know is should I go for reputed names like DPS,JHPS,BVB,GITANJALI,CHINMAYA or can I look for some other schools also in your opinion ?




Toota 2012-01-21 14:39:13



We are planning to shift to Hyd from Chn in April. My son 4.3 yrs now studying LKG in nearby school. Can I get in admission in UKG in any schools in Secunderabad / ECIL areas?



mickey 2012-01-21 21:33:55


 Hi Toota,

You could try in schools like Sec'bad Public School (CBSE), BVB -Sainikpuri (CBSE) , St Andrews (CBSE) , Indus World School (Yapral) , DPS .  You always have other options like Pre-primary schools like Bachpan, TIME Kids, Kidzee or Euroschool for UKG incase your son is unable to get admission in  a leading school.  These pre-schools are really good and at par with  reguar schools. You could always try for class 1 next yr. 

But I am sure, you will be able to get in one of the above listed schools. Pl do check out.



Jagathkumar 2012-01-22 11:03:43


May be you can try with Kennady Global school, which is located in Miyapur and Bachupalli area. school has good infrastructure and education qualities. but distance from your current location may be far..


mickey 2012-01-22 11:10:23


 Hi Hanu,How are you ?  Really sorry to have missed your post. It's more than a year since u posted.. .By this time, you must have already admitted your twin boys in a school. So which school have u finally selected ?




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