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KalyaniK 2011-01-12 12:07:59



I want to know about the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Atmakuri Ramarao School - Rd No:45. Can anyone have any idea about this school.

nls 2011-01-18 21:18:17




  My kid got admission confirmed for class 3 in BVB Atma Raoschool..  can anyone give some feedback on this school?  Looks like it was easy process since they are starting a new section this year.


Thanks much in advance



SriniHYD 2011-01-19 17:56:44



My daughter got admission for 4th grade and we are considering to join her. I put Chirec, DPS, BVB Film Nagar, Obul Reddy ahead of BVB ARS for my criteria but they have very few or no opening at 4th grade and for very few seats (5-10), there will be 100+ people taking test so basicially we are not sure she will get in and feel that this school is decent enough. My younger twins got admitted in Chirec so we will keep trying there as well in Sibling quota incase if we are not happy with this school

I read mixed review about the school online (facebook, zeeksha) . I spoke to a parent whose kid goes there adn she is happy about school. Here are my thoughts about the school

1. At 17K per year tution, this school is decent budget school and giving good ROI for the money we pay. 

2. Today when we went for interaction, we spoke to 2 girls who are studying 6th class to get their views. Their communcaton skills are decent. They said they have enough activies to participate. Read soem reviews from parents that communications skills here are not that great.

3. Play ground is huge, Have decent sports, Computer room is decent

4. I read on facebook that school is not great on organizational skills like calling or sending SMS when there is bandh etc.

5. Class size is big. about 40 studetns per class. It may be issue for lower level like LKG and UKG etc. There is Aayamma but she would help with food, etc only. This may be the case with most budget schools. May not be issue at higher classes.

6. Currently they have limited buses. So coverage may not be too wide. May add more next year since school size is increasing by huge numbers

7. Hygience is decent. My wife checked girls bathrooms and they are quite alright. my daughter is fussy about bath rooms (after having lived in US for 7+ years)

8. Overall infrastructure is good but can not be compared to intl/big name schools like Oakridget, Chirec or DPS etc.  For 17K/year, their package is good. We pay more at pre-school for my twins now than 17K

8. It is newer school (opened in 2009) so may take few years to get the level of Old BVB, Obulreddy, DPS etc.

Since this is one of decent options we have, we are inclined to take it. So to summarize, this is decent budget school for the money they charge but if you have admission and can afford it, go for DPS, Chirec, Old BVB, Obul Reddy etc since they are established schools with long track record. Old BVB and Obulreddy cost same as this one. Chirec and DPS are expensive cost 3-4 times more.



nls 2011-01-19 21:59:34


Thanks Srini.. That was really detailed rsponse and I appreciate your time.  I am not too particular on money part alone, I need my kid to get overall activities adn education..  currentlyshe goes to Orchid Intl, but it wasn't that great.. recently they are improving things there but not sure how it will be... ButI have only 5 days to make a decision to pay up the term fees and building fund etc., ( 25K building donation, 10K membership mandatory + 16.5K for admission and all first term fees) ..   yes you are rigth that for less than 20K they are offerring good facilities and studies.. to of my coleagues childres study there, and they are fine with their wards progress. So I might incline to move into this...

Thanks once again for detailed response.. 





bholu 2011-01-20 11:17:04


my child got addmission  in ukg by lattery process . we are happy because jubill hills management members also belongs to this schools .all activities same .but here only problem that they take child for LKG between 3to 4 year & UKG 4 to 5 .but other schools take 3.5 to 4.5 LKG . what iam telling all u know.


SriniHYD 2011-01-22 18:00:26



If money is not criteria, then i would recommend you consider Oakridge, Srinidihi, DPS, Glendale, Chirec, Phoenix greens etc kind of schools especially if your kid having been attended International school earlier. BVB provides basic necessities and no comforts or luxuries that are given in other schools i have listed.

For example two things i noticed today when i visited BVB and Chirec. BVB play ground is dusty where as in Chirec they water the ground so that dust does not raise while kids are playing.  The BVB buses look run down and seems to have good chance of faulre any time. Where as Chirec buses look in good shape and elegant. They provide curtains on windows of the buses to avoid sunlight which are not there in BVB buses.

Another thing is this school is open only for 2 years so we dont have track record of performance of kids in higher grades and not sure about teacher quality either. i am not biased against BVB but stating my observations. We have decided to admit my daughter for 4th grade having known these issues and with options i have.

For me, USP of BVB is decent quality of education and value it provides for fees at low end of spectrum (17K/year).I am willing to take a chance with thsi given the options i have. i guess parents whose kids are already attending BVB probably can give better feedback with insider access.




KalyaniK 2011-01-24 15:37:26


Thank You Srini..

We paid the fee to join in this school. Since, i also enquired about this school from my  coleagues, They are happy with the school in all the aspects.




SriniHYD 2011-01-24 19:10:03


I think tomorrow is last day to pay the fees at BVB - ARS. If any of you are interested and your kid did not get the seat, you can approach the principal with letter requesting seat. Also if you want to improve your odds of getting seat, you can offer to pay  more development fund. Normally it is 25K and if you offer 25K extra (total of 50K), there may be better chances of makign it in espcially in lower level grades LKG-1st class since there is too much demand in that category. Go to school tomorrow in person and talk to Principal and committe chairman Mr. Gopalkrishnan if he is available. He can make decision right there. Ofcourse precondition is you shoudl have applied already before due dates for admission.



kodali 2011-01-24 23:24:02


My son is presently studying in KV II Golconda and he got admission in VIth class BVB Atmakuri. I am not able to make up my mind. Some of my colleagues are advising not to leave KV II as BVB atmakuri is a new school and track record not known and some are saying that BVB atmakuri will be better than KV II Golconda. Tomorrow is the last day to pay the fees.


virad 2011-02-05 17:57:34


 Hi kodali,

incase you finalise BVB Atmakuri for your son do let me know as i too have admitted my son in class 6th this yr. It will be easy for us to communicate.




kodali 2011-02-05 21:22:54


Hi Ritu,

I still have not taken admission for my son. I think from the leaflets I could see not more than 15-20 students along with their parents attended the interaction session. So we that better utilise this time to try out in other schools like, jhps etc.

When did u admit your son.


virad 2011-02-06 14:08:00


 Hi kodali,

i admitted my son this yr only in jan 2011 for  the next session that  wil b starting from April. They are starting a new section for class this yr so i guess admition was bit easy. they took out  a list of 44 students for class 6.



kodali 2011-02-07 10:04:47


Hi Ritu,

I have seen the list of 44 students. They have conducted an interaction session with parents and their children in Jan'11. When I went to pay the fees on 25th Jan'11 we found that the forms filled by parents for 6th class to be very few i.e. 15-20. So we thought we can take some risk and try other schools. May be if we do not succeed we will again come back to BVB ARS. My son is in KV II Golconda which is also kind of ok except for poor communication skills.


2kids 2011-02-07 12:13:04


Hi Ritu,

Some parents whose kids got admission in BVB AR are forming a group to discuss or to share info about transportation, teachers or school as it is relatively new school.

 The following is the dicussion link. Please join if you like it.


virad 2011-02-07 14:35:55


hi kodali,

i didnt knew about interaction session as we were nt in town thn. Any the ways we have now deposited the fees so no chance of taking risk....may be more students turn up when session begins.


virad 2011-02-11 18:52:08


 Hi ALL,

See this link on facebook , this is a group page of BVB atmakuri



mirza 2011-03-13 18:54:14





mickey 2011-03-13 19:22:10


 Hi Mirza,

It is good. But I think, it is only till primary. I met one parent sometime back whose son is studying here. Couldn't ask her much abt the school but was told that it was good in academics and extra-curricular activities. I don't know the class strength. Kindly check it out coz BVBs usually have many students per section. 





ksharma 2011-03-13 19:39:20


Hi Mirza,

My cousin's kids study at BVB, Hyderguda. I learnt from her that from the coming academic year this branch will be closing down & all kids are being shifted to BVB Atmakuri. Even for last academic year they did not take new admissions.

BTW, the class strength here is currently 30. In ARS it is likely to be around 40-45.   


MaheshB 2011-11-03 18:17:14


Dear parents,

it has been about 9 months since the last post on BVB ARS school.  Could the parents share some latest info about this school. I am planning to admit my daughter to class II from 2011-12 onwards.  Also, is it easy to get admission to this class as most schools says that it depends on the vacancies for class II.  Did the school now have few experienced teachers.  Does the school have till Xth standard.




KH 2011-11-30 19:43:32


Hi Parents,

Please let me know your reviews and the experiences reg the BVB ARS as I wanted to join my daughter there for class II.

I have called up the school and was informed that the admissions for class II will start in April.

Please let me know whether any school will take admissions for II class.

These are the schools which I have listed out.

1.BVB Filmnagar


3.P Obul reddy school

4.DAV Kukatpally

5.Radcliffe school

Best Regards




nami39 2011-12-30 15:59:16


Any further updates on this school?

I went to this school today for application and noticed there is no boundary wall. Small kids were doing drill with the last row kids just 2 steps away from falling from that hill..I am concerned. Do you find this school good and safe? Why there is no pressure to build a bounadary wall for safety?


ChanSid 2011-12-31 14:55:26


I agree, there is no boundary wall for BVB ARS, very risky for children playing close to the edge of the hill.

Mickey: Need your help in deciding between these schools

Vikas concept

St Andrews




I'm left with above four to decide for my kid in LGK, BVB Jubli and Obul are out now (no luck in lottery).




mickey 2011-12-31 17:27:26


 Hi Chansid,
Prefer JHPS followed by St Andrews, BVB -ARS and Vikas.

The boundary wall is really a cause of concern. I think the parents need to go and talk to the Management before any untoward incident takes place.



AmarG 2012-01-11 15:03:56


My daughter got admission in LKG, BVB Atmakuri School through lottery and I need some feedback on the school & their teaching method.  I am at Himayathnagar, putting my daughter in BVB Atmakuri School is big decision for me.  Please share your honest feedback on the school if your kid(s) are studying there.




PrashanthVasa 2012-01-12 19:06:20


Seems they are constructing the boundary wall and laying the new concrete road from main road. Also anybody knows about the bus route for dropping kids(LKG and UKG) towards Manikonda ?



KH 2012-01-20 12:50:45


Hi Mickey,

I 'm applying for JHPS for my daughter for class 2.

Saw some reviews in parenttree saying that they are more concentrating on the donations parents quote. I'm rethinking now. Please suggest as there are only few more days left to proceed with the admission process for JHPS.

Also there are no vacancies in both Bhavn's schools for class 2.

Now I'm looking  for JHPS and DPS(if luck favours).

Also how is Radcliffe school, as i cannot find much reviews for this.

Please help me out...



Sidsumi 2012-01-20 13:16:41


I went to JHPS two years ago when we wanted to put my son in Nursery. The whole process felt like an eye wash. They said they are going to asses the child. First of all they called us for an assessment in the afternoon. I feel they do not understand child psychology. There were parents who were waking up the children becuase they were fast asleep. They take all the children into a room and then my son comes out with two stars in both hands. We noticed that only he and another girl child had two stars. Some with no stars and some with one, which meant he answered most of the questions. His communication skills in english are very good because we speak primarily in English. Then they take us to a room with the board of directors. Before asking us anything, all they do is go through the salary column and tell us that they are looking at voluntary contribution for building fund. So we thought since it is voluntary, it is what we want to pay. They tell us then that we need to pay 20% of our annual income as building fund. When we said we are ready to pay 50K, the principal of the school says that there is a very meagre chance for my child to get through. If this had come from a board member, i would not have had a problem. Seriously speaking their full admission process is an eye wash. They could be good in academics, but when a principal does not have the basic work ethics, I do not expect my child to come out as a good citizen out of that school. This is my view. You can weigh the pros and cons and take a decision.


KH 2012-01-20 14:37:29


Hi Sidsumi,

Thanks for your  valuable feedback. Looking for the remaining schools also as for class II we do have very few choices.


Star1 2012-01-21 22:57:19


My son is in 6th class now, he admitted in 4th class 3 yrs back..My observations

1)School building & play ground - O.K

2) Transportation was not great, Arranged myself

3) Teachers just O.K

4) Class strength is high(40+ students)

5) Not a dynamic management,but she is capable.

Overall I felt it's not completly depends on the school and parents have to push the children to get A+...

Chenna Kr



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