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avk 2011-01-08 17:00:10


I am planning to place my daughter (now two and a half years old) in Nursery in June 2011. Have identified the following which are quite near my residence in 6th and 9th Phase, KPHB, Kukatpally: Sai Montessory, Kids r Kids, Bachpan, Racy Kids. Looking for feedback from anyone having knowledge of any of these schools. 

ovkrishna 2011-01-08 23:26:41


I am also looking for Nursery for my 2year 3 months kid. I have been to Strawberry Fields in KPHB colony. It seemed ok to me. But I felt their fees is on the higher side. I do not have much details on the fees for Nursery with other schools so cannot give a comparative picture though. I need to utilise the day care facility post school timining. So it comes to ~ Rs 32,000 per year (including the transport) with around Rs 5350 for day care facility per month. Without day care I think it is ~ Rs 27,500 per year.

I am yet to check out Time Kids and Bachpan. Does anybody have feedback on these? I Think Racy kids is on the highway, right? That could mean lot of noise and air pollution around.

I drove past the Meridian KPHB branch. There seems to be lot of construction going on there. I am not comfortable getting my kid into a place where there is lot of construction going on. So dropped that for now. 


avk 2011-01-09 16:14:27


The tuition fees for Racy Kids, Kids r Kids, Bachpan (KPHB) are all Rs 24K / year. At Sai Montessori, it is about Rs 15K / year.

All these schools operate on one or two floors of residential buildings, so playing area is at a premium. All are located close to side roads. Racy Kids appears to have been set up recently (last year or so), Sai Montessory has been operating for several years - the others in between.

The Meridian KPHB branch - as you said, construction is still ongoing. Also, I checked the fees - admission fees of Rs 40K plus annual tuition fees of Rs 40K for Nursery, plus Nursery extends till 3.00 PM. I have ruled it out at least till Class I.


 Former member 2011-02-18 16:26:40


 Time School (malaysian township) fees is 25,950 if u get enrolled before 28th feb otherwise it will b 28,950 but they do not have transport facility ... Even i m looking out the playschool for my kid.. will chk with few more schools...



kris2 2011-02-18 21:17:35



bubbles is very nice, vasanth nagar kukatpally.



Smita5 2012-04-07 16:48:30


Hi All

I am looking for putting my kid in playschool this year. He is 2 yr 2 mnths.

I have visited TIme Kids, Prodigy, Kids r Kids, Colors, Kidzee

Among all this Kidzee has highest fee arnd 32k. remaining are 24k

Found kids r kids and kIdzee to be better compared to other in terms of education

But kidzee doesnt have a day care faciltiy.

I dont need daycre always but incase when we dont have any body at home need that facility at school, will pay for it.

Please recommend based on your experience.









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