Review abt few good schools near kukatpally and also seeking suggestion

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psmilein 2011-01-07 23:46:00


 Hi All...especially Mickey(as u r the one who seem to be most helpful & experienced),

Well from the last few days I am following the parentree seriously and wondering which school to put my daughter into from March. We r shifting to Hyderabad from N.Delhi in March 2011.

I am still hunting for a good school which is okay in fees not very hi fi culture....focuuses on academics...children r not pampered. KINDLY GUIDE ME. 

I would like to add my exp with the few schools I visited last week as I am in Hyderabad till my daughters winter vacations in Delhi.

Mharshi Vidyamandir- Seemed tp be a academic focussed school...with no pamper at all to the children. Cannot comment on the extra curricular activities as no idea.

Dav kukatpally- Have been told that form will be issued from Jan 24th but chances r slim, rather can try my luck at Miyanpur branch which is to open from March. No idea how true it is. But felt it is a good school.

Sentia- I know many ppl r having very +ve feedback abt the school and I am sorry to offend them but yes I would very truly like to admit that I did not like the school after visiting. I also had a talk with the principal for 20-30 mins. Most imp reason being.........administration is not strong enough to take strong stand in front of the parents where ever needed.  May be because right now they r focusing more on increasing the student's number. While taking a visit I found 2 children in Class II chewing, chewing gums...pathetic, when I asked the tewacher abt it. They simply said in todays date if we say anythiung to children, parents come very next day to abuse & shout at us. I could not believe this.

Otherwise the school curriculum & syudies may be good but at the school level I cannot think of compromising wid the discipline part.

Can anyone suggest me of any good school, how is it properly CBSE affiliated...someone was telling that it is not. Please help as I need to return back to Delhi by 15th and I want to close the process by then.

mickey 2011-01-08 20:20:51


 Hi Preethi,

Whats is your budget  and for which class ?





SeemaK 2011-01-08 22:14:57


Hi Preethi & Mickey!

Am also moving to Hyderabad in Feb / March. I have a 3 years old daughter for whom I am looking for schools (that are soft on chiildren but still have a disciplined enviornment and strong focus on values), I am going to be in Hyderabad from 10-12 Jan 2011 with the only purpose to check out the schools and possibly initiate admission formalities.

Please do let me know from your experience which all schools I should approach.

Thanks in advance 




psmilein 2011-01-09 21:07:52


 @ Mickey - For Class I - Budget around 50k to 60k pa including transport for the first year.

@ Seema- Shall get back to u soon when I collect the substantial information.


ivlnr 2011-01-10 10:27:27




I am also looking for good school in Kukatpally or BHEL area. I am looking for admisson into 3rd class (CBSE).

How abt  BVB-BHEL and GIIS-Patancheru?





mickey 2011-01-10 11:17:36


Hi Ivlnr, BVB- Bhel is good but the students to teacher ratio is very high.

GIIS Patencheru is a new school. I don't have much idea about it.    You could try in DAV, Kukatpally. The school is issuing forms from 24th jan for Pre-primary. For higher classes,  it depends on the availability. So pl check out.

Psmile and Seema, I will get back to u soon



mickey 2011-01-10 14:30:59


 Hi PSmile,

Vikas has both CBSE as well as SSC curriculum.

I heard that the strength is more in Vikas. So you will have to check out. The school is good in academics.

MVM is good in academics as well as activities. But i read recently in this forum that communication skills are not that great. But yesterday , I happened to meet a boy from MVM  who  came to appear for an entrance test for a prestigious Institute known for its IIT coaching. The boy was communicating pretty well.   

Have u visited The Creek in Bachupally ?  You could try here too. The fees should be around 55K.

If you  can send your child till Madhapur , you will find Euroschool . It is also  good  but  has a small play area for kids.  The forms are being issued for all classes (Lkg to class 8)

In Gachibowli, you will find Prerna waldorf school. This should be in your budget too.




mickey 2011-01-10 15:11:09


 Hi  Seema,

If your daughter is born before 31st Jan 2008, she is eligible for DAV, Kukatpally.  It should suit your requirement. Below is the admission notice of DAV given by Virad in the below thread

Admission Notice 2011-12 
We wish to inform you that the Registration Forms for Siblings to join in L.K.G 2011-2012 and other classes (U.K.G to X) will be issued from24.01.2011 (Monday) to 26.01.2011 (Wednesday) from 9.00 am to 12.00 Noon.  Entrance Test will be conducted for admission into UKG to X and eligible children will be considered for admission against vacancies only. (Eligibility for L.K.G: BORN ON OR BEFORE 31st JANUARY’ 2008)

Registration forms will not be given without the submission of the following proofs.
a) Xeroxed copy of Date of Birth Certificate (Municipal Certificate)
b) Sibling Proof (Report Cards of the previous years)
c) Residence proof (Electricity Bill/Ration Card).
d) Bonafide Certificate (I to X classes at the time of Entrance Test)

E mail I.D: ,

Apart from this, you could try in Sanghamitra in Nizampet.



mickey 2011-01-10 16:16:45


 Hi Psmilein,
I forgot to mention about CGR Intrenational in my above post.

It should be in your budget. The school is currently till class 5 but will extend till class10 very soon. It is a good school  for class 1 .



psmilein 2011-01-10 22:30:27


 All I can say is thank you so much Mickey.............your review and response is great.



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